Nächtjäeger Tale of Four Gamers Month One – Fez

Phew, who knew toy soldiers could be so tiring!
Hot on the heels of a mega paint session of American tanks for Corrivalry, the deadline for our first months Nächtjäeger painting came roaring up out of nowhere.

Given that the new models aren’t in stores yet, I chose to start with what I had – the Mobelwagons, Stugs and Panzersturm Cannon Platoon.

As these are going to be late-late-late war, I decided to use the Mig Ammo Late war paint set  and AK Interactives’ Late war Camouflage profile guide for inspiration. I found the pictures of disc-camo moblewagons, and thought that I would once again tackle the Anarchy Models HD Stencils, using the new 1mm ambush mask.

Three Stugs-a-Stuging

My first attempt didn’t really do much for me, as there were large gaps of the dunklegelb showing through, which was even worse as its the lighter late war shade that is more cream. I solved this by using the ‘negative’ masks that comes with the stencils, and simply filling in the gaps.

The result was still too ‘bright’ for me. As its April 1945, I supposed these guys would have been driving through the mud and grime of spring, so I went to town with two parts Burnt Umber, one part Black in the airbrush, and ‘grimed’ them up.

Forgot to include the Observer Jeep!

The Cannon Platoon will be used for ‘normal’ late war, so I resorted to my usual three colour airbrush. The standing orders were for no two vehicles to share the same pattern, so I try to emulate that on my vehicles.

I also painted a third 7.5cm halftrack, in order to get even closer to my Kampfgrupe Grubner!
I’m in two minds about adding chips to these guys, and maybe some platoon numbers – but I’ll see what they look like together at the end.

The Moblewagons were done the same as the Stugs, with the addition of crew – which really adds to the painting hours!

Next week I’ll be looking at the infantry – The Panzersturm and VolksSturm, or the Panthers if I can get some of the new plastic ones!

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8 thoughts on “Nächtjäeger Tale of Four Gamers Month One – Fez

  1. I was impressed hearing about you painting of the company the night before corivalry. I hate painting right before an event but always seem to. I have 12 infantry and 6 half tracks to finish for a tournament next week…

    1. It was actually really easy doing just one solid colour with black stripes. I'll take some pics of them before I finish the army with decals and riders properly for the blog. Get the tricky stuff like infantry out the way, then do the bits that you can be a bit more slap dash last! Thanks for reading!

  2. I thought painting on the night of a competition was the mark of a true gamer! Hope to see you again at Colours now that it's back on!

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