My 9th SS

Hi All,

As this is my First day of the blog I
thought I would post up pictures of my finished 9th SS army (well
SS-Kampfruppe Spindler). I did the army for a campaign weekend back in
Oct 2011 based on Operation Market Garden.

This army was my first every attempted at painting camo and I really wish I had started with something easier that SS camo! I’m quite happy with how the army turned out, but I still haven’t had the heart to paint the last few bits for them….. damn Camo!

The Army as a whole, minus the 3 Panthers. They were painted bought
painted so it didn’t feel right posting them here.
The HQ teams and Pioneer platoon, all the infantry are on the plastic
rubble bases that Battlefront released with Cassino
One of the two Grenadier Platoons.
The anti-Tank platoon with 3 Pak 40’s. The bases are from one of the German
artillery set. As I used the plastic rubble bases for the infantry and I really
wanted to keep the theme with the bigger bases. I think these bases work
well and in a lot of ways were far easier to paint than the plastic
infantry bases.
A rocket battery with 3 Neb’s. These are on the same bases as the Pak 40’s.
Of all the units I think this was the one I was happiest with once I had
finished the army. My only worry is the smoke damage on the barrels
might be a bit to cartoony.

Well I hope you have enjoyed looking over the army. They should be taking part in an AAR at the end of the month against some British Paras.

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Article by: Mark Goddard