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Some players might not be aware that Battlefront have updated their missions pack on their website here.

The main new addition is FIVE extra missions, bringing the total up to an impressive 15.  For me, the missions for FOW is what makes it so unique.  They are brilliantly balanced for the most part, and create a constant flow of battle, where things can easily change.  Even the most powerful build can be undone if they haven’t considered how it will work across the massive range of scenarios.

KV-1 – Powerful, but undo-able.

New to the list we have:

  • Breakout, which first made its appearance in Version 3.
  • Cornered 
  • Dogfight 
  • Killing Ground
  • Outflanked

While this article won’t go into each one in detail, what I have noticed is that several can make huge use of spearhead (Cornered and outflanked especially) and several have minefields making them quite defensive friendly, which is welcome when attack is perhaps the meta at the moment.

Pictured – End result of being outflanked

One thing that the ‘Missions’ PDF (Renamed from More Missions in its last version) is lacking is an updated Battle Plans table to incorporate these new beauties.  Therefore, having sat down and examined the missions and grouping them into themes (eg Prepared defense, a defense due to a swift pro-active enemy, etc) I have created a new table which I submit to the community for use.The key thing for the table is that all missions are included and now you have a unique choice for each dice roll, no matter what combination of missions is chosen.  While Battle Plans seems to have become the most common way to choose missions and work out attacker at events, there are still those who quite fairly feel that it can lead to too many repeated missions, especially if playing five games over a weekend.  My hope is that this will also alleviate this fear.

I think the selection in each box hopefully is pretty self explanatory as to why, although with one exception.  Breakout is perhaps a bit of an odd choice at first glance for the same stance selection, so I’ll explain my logic.

  1.  I needed a sixth mission.
  2. There are no deep reserves so no army is really disadvantaged as the defender.
  3. The background of the mission lends a dice off.  On the one hand one army is about to attack a defensive position while on the other the defending army is about to launch its own attack to breakout.  Therefore to me it makes sense for this to be with same stance and the dice roll explains who got the initiative.
  4. Its a very different mission to the other five when you choose the same stance.  Therefore it adds a new challenge, especially in the most common outcome (Attack – Attack).

Anyway I hope people enjoy it, and please leave feedback. I am more than happy to update it based on community thoughts.  The main thing is to provide a useful way to get to play the full range of missions.

18 thoughts on “More, More Missions

  1. Are player 1 and 2 meant to be swapped for whose attacking in the player 1 defend column?
    As it stands, player 1 picks to defend and ends up attacking.

    1. 3 of the missions have been available for sometime in the Bf website for public testing and breakout isn’t new it was used in V3.

  2. Good work on making the necessary update.

    Counterattack now appears much more frequently, at the cost of Contact. Would suggest restoring Contact in the two Manoeuvre / Defend tables.

    1. Something to look at. Some feedback I’ve had is that contact is just too dicey on reserves where as counter attack has been a long time favorite for many versions.

  3. Good job thank you, Dog Fight is a dud, you might want to leave it off, and put Bridge Head in it’s place..Bridge head is a balanced defensive mission..Dog Fight is impossible for the defender.

  4. Don’t love that maneuver now has missions with deep reserves meaning only one tank unit on the board. I know most people pick attack most times but adding missions in maneuver that are pure defend list missions will stop all tank lists from ever picking maneuver. As a player who loved maneuver and won tournaments using it as most time is forced both played to put 40% off meaning the list built to play that way had the edge. This setup forced attack attack even more than the old mission setup. Just a observation i hope you take into consideration.

    1. There is one, killing ground. It’s a idea to look at.

      What would you replace it with and why?

    2. Solved as soon as the German book drops. There is a new mission in there which is perfect and no deep reserves. You will see it in a batrep coming soon as part of our German coverage.

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