More German Reinforcements, Panzerwerfer and Brummbär

Hi all, thought I’d bring to your attention another two platoons I’ve painted up for my Germans.

Every so often there are units which you want to have, but lack any real reason to paint them up, both of these units fall into that category.

The Panzerwerfers I’ve had for years, when I originally painted my germans I’d thought about doing Panzer Lehr, and loved the idea of having these guys supporting them in a really mobile force, and the model I always think looks fantastic, the armoured body, the rack of rockets, just looks brilliant.

Despite my excitement to paint these guys it took me a while to get them done, partly due to other commitments, partly due to the dreaded mix of armour and infantry!

I approached painting them in much the same was as the half tracks I’ve done recently, trying to do some pretty awful modulation (which i then hide under my camo – mainly the places where I’ve mucked up) on the other hand I’d say I’ve got a little bit better at applying the tape and other masks to give some nice defined edges of colour in certain places. After that I added some details (I seem to add less details the more I paint, they can make the model look cluttered, I like the camo and weathering to do the talking) I then sponge chip, do a dark wash in the recesses,

After that it’s time to apply the decals, before adding track wash and streaking grime (which I over apply i think in retrospect) before adding the mud, this is done by using Mig Kursk soil thinned with white spirits, before taking off any excess, I then dust with Mig Dry mud pigments. Everything is then sealed with Testors Dullcote

As for using them in a game, well I love them! Having the option to double the crew is a five points I always take, I tend to run with three of them, and that double wide template (or triple smoke) they’re great on offense often covering my entire advance. The other great use is stormtroopering to lose smoke trails, i’ve lost too many nebs to counter battery fire!

The Brummbär were painted in the same way, again too heavy on the streaks in retrospect! I also realised I missed the highlights on the rear of the superstructure, doh!

I’ve wanted these in an army for years, whilst I see them as a brilliant addition to certain lists (like my volksgrenadiers) I do think they have to be used in the right list. I see them as a great infantry assault unit, high front armour, schurzen and a breakthrough gun, they can not be ignored by defenders! On defense though their lack or range is a problem, so I think they need to be paired with some good AT – and probably imho don’t work in armour lists! I already see these guys though for a MW list I’m working on!

Anyway hope you enjoy till next time

5 thoughts on “More German Reinforcements, Panzerwerfer and Brummbär

  1. They look good. The green looks very nice over the modulated schurzen.

    I've been wanting to add some panzerwerfers too. Just not wanting to buy or paint them. Infantry and vehicles together are so slow!

    1. Thanks mate! I now try to do infantry in batches, like with the French recently, that way I can have the crew ready to go when needed

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