More German Reinforcements – Mid War

Having not had the internet or a working camera for a few weeks, I’ve had a load of painting going on which I’ve not had a chance to upload for a while. I’ve been expanding my german force pretty steadily over the last few months, normally just a unit or two, sometimes it’s been a replacement for an existing one in my force, at other times, a new one I’ve liked the look of, anyway I hope you like the work.


Firstly the KV, now this beast is really with mid war in mind, I’ve found them great with my Finns as they basically are pillboxes of fun, and that’s a little of how I see them for Germans in MW – sit in objective and try not to move. The model itself I got off Ben, and was in pretty good nick, but i left it in a dusty place between undercoating and painting ‘proper’ so there is some noticeable gunk in places on the model.




Next up are my Flammpanzer 3’s, I already have two of these, and I’ve done these two as their replacements. I played a game with my Italy panzer list and disliked them not match so found a couple (well I had one already so just found one) and painted them to match the panzer 4’s – I had enough of the red numbers that with a small cut they could have numbers close to the other panzer platoon I tend to attach them too in my Italy list.





Finally in this list are the Nebelwerfers, I’ve been using nebs a lot in my armour lists, and I wanted some which matched the armour I was using, The crew were pretty easy to paint, I applied a green then zenithal highlighted with some grey green, before picking out the details. With that done I gloss varnished before applying umber wash over the whole model, the nebs themselves were painted in the same was as the vehicles.






Anyway that’s part one of my reinforcements, stay tuned for part two.