More German Reinforcements – LW

Having not had the internet or a working camera for a few weeks, I’ve had a load of painting going on which I’ve not had a chance to upload for a while. I’ve been expanding my german force pretty steadily over the last few months, normally just a unit or two, sometimes it’s been a replacement for an existing one in my force, at other times, a new one I’ve liked the look of, anyway I hope you like the work.

First up are the Whirblwinds, finding these guys was a proper ass, as there seemed to be a national shortage, a friend had one spare, so I stripped my two previous ones to get some updated ones. I painted them in the same way as my other german units, the main difficulty was the barrels which are either bent or saggy or both. I love these AA units, the turrets are great and in game they work a treat against infantry and air.





Next up are the Klinepanzers – now I’m a little saddened that they are only available in the Berlin list, because they look so cool, I wish other lists could have them. I think the rules make them a great ambush unit, and I can’t wait to give them a run out soon.




Finally is the Arado bomber ( Ben’s present to me from last year!)- again a unit I wish could be taken in more lists, it’s sporadic which works well, but it’s the 1+ firepower which I really love – it just screams to target artillery and lone tanks for targets. I sadly though just don’t see it on the table all that much.




So here is the complete opus of work, I love germans as they’re always a few units away form a new list – but the new year see’s me going to EW – not sure how much crossover there will be there!




Anyway hope you like these LW goodies and catch you all soon.