Mitsubishi Zero Review


Hi Chaps.  Today we have a review of the Mitsubishi Zero kit from Battlefront Miniatures.

Like most of the other planes from Battlefront this is a 144th scale resin and metal kit.  Contains the fuselage, nose,machine guns, transfers, flight stand and air support dice.

japanese_zero_001 japanese_zero_002

The casting is very good and the detail is very crisp with some nice touches like the tail wheel. One thing I do particularly with this kit is the panel lines.  They are very well defined and a good bit deeper than some of the older casts.  Should make pin washing the model very easy so those panels should pop when painted.

japanese_zero_004 japanese_zero_005

Unfortunately there is one problems which can be seen with the airplane kits.  There is a good bit of slippage with the mold at the front of the wings.  I can see why this happens with the awkward shape of the plane which can’t be easy to cast up in numbers.

This and some other mold lines can easily be cleared up with a modelling knife.


The metal parts were cast well and easy to assemble.  The model includes the wing MGs which are actually very easy to fit as there is a hole in each wing for the metal barrel.

japanese_zero_009japanese_zero_006 japanese_zero_008AC017-16a

The model also comes with a set of water slide transfer with 2 sets of tail numbers and the required number of suns.

Over all this is a great kit.  Some work is required to clean up the resin body but it should be quick to do.

Some really nice improvements over  the previous models with Battlefronts experience making these kits showing through.

I would recommend getting one of these to add some much needed anti tank capacity to your Japanese lists.

Thanks for reading