Leopard Preview – Infantry and Artillery Unit Cards

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Welcome to the first day of Breakthrough Assaults coverage of the first Team Yankee add on book, Leopard. Today we are going to take a look at the unit cards for the West German infantry and artillery. We are not going to review the units here, we have a big book review in the works for that, but we will point out a few stats we think are interesting as we go through the preview posts.

First up we have the Panzergrenadiers HQ. The big take away here seems to be the stats for Morale and Remounting of 2+. West Germans seem to have very good motivation compared to the US. This makes sense as they are defending their home land, where as the US are not.

Marder Panzergrenadier HQ

The Panzergrenadier Zug looks quite similar to the US version, but again with slightly better moral. One thing I can’t quite shake with how similar the Germans look to their WW2 counterparts.

Marder Panzergrenadier Zug

The Marder Transport gives the NATO forces something along the same lines as the Soviet BMPs.


The M109G is something we have seen before for the US and doesn’t look too different.


The LARS rockets look awesome! I will have to use these in my West German army even if they suck! (not saying they do, but man they look cool).


The M113 Panzermorser is basically the same as the US version.

M113 Panzermorser

As is the M113 OP.

M113 OP So there you go the infantry and artillery units for Leopard. On Wednesday we will take a look at the Tanks and Recce options for Team Yankee.

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7 thoughts on “Leopard Preview – Infantry and Artillery Unit Cards

  1. Thanks very much for the review – I’m really looking forward to getting a German army.
    I’m surprised at the armour rating for the Marder as I thought it would be better and certainly better than an M113 – what do you think?
    By the way I love your podcasts, perfect entertainment to listen to when I’m painting

  2. Great preview as usual :D lookin forward to the next one!

    Some points would be very interessting, specially for the Panzergrenadiere


  3. The LARS was the inspiration for the later MRLS. The Marder was very advanced with its very low profile and remote control turret with ATGM . The germans have always have very good MICVs. The Leopard 1 was very much a super panther with its medium armour 105 L7 and excellent speed. The later Leopard 2 was more in line with the way western tanks merged together after the diversion that happened after the joint MBT-70 project failed as UK USA W germany wanted very different things from an MBT. Basically the W germans wanted an immediate counter attack to secure the inner german border. The Uk wanted a super heavy sniper to hold back the armoured tide that was 3rd Shock. The USA wanted a super tank that could do both (the later M1s with 120 are basically that)

  4. Can’t you also give us the backsides of the cards.
    I use miniaturized cards which I can put in card protector sleeves. They take less place on the table and are better protected vs. wear and tear.
    Of course, I buy the originals products too, My Team Yankee U.S Army is currently at 180+ points (Full Strength Mechanized Company and Full Strength Armored Company with all available support). I like to keep my options open… They’re nearly completely painted also…

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