Making A Comeback – Part Four

Hello All

Rounding out my British updates, for now, is three infantry platoons. I was lucky enough that when I was ready to do the British infantry, the new improved models were released.

I dislike painting infantry compared to tanks, but I decided to bite the bullet and paint all three combat platoons in one go. Once done these will form the core of most British Infantry list for both Early War and Mid War.

To paint these I went back to my tried and tested method of painting FOW infantry with a dipping method. I had to change it up a bit because the colours are so light; this was mainly to re-highlight the helmets and a few other bits. Unfortunately, the varnish spray I was using went a bit cloudy on a few models, I have touched them up but a couple of still showing the signs of this….

I’m taking a little break from the British now while I focus on Soviets for Mid War, Israelis for the Fate of Four Gamers challenge and my Team Yankee Canadians. I will be back to this project as I have a lot of plans for desert projects; this will probably be around Christmas at this rate.

Thanks for reading and until next time…