Making A Come Back – Part Three

Hello All

Well back to part 3 of making a comeback!

In this post I will look at the British Artillery I have finished for my British Desert army, plus talk about a game I played with Adam.

These were lovely to paint, I don’t miss having to paint command and staff teams! I tried out the new BF washes (new to me anyway) on these and I was impressed with the results. I did go back to form with the infantry and use a dipping method, but when I’m going painting a small number of men and not a whole company in one go (yes I know I’m a bit mad) I’ll go back to the washes. Next up is the infantry, but had a problem. The varnish I used messed up around 8 bases and they need some repainting (they would be featured in this post if not for that), so expect them in the next update.

So one thing that’s been lacking from this series is games, I think that’s mostly because I dislike playing with unpainted models and so I’m having to play a lot of catch up. But not my Italian tanks and British are mostly done I plan to play two or three games a month to try and get to grips with the changes to the game. I did use my Italians against game and quickly realised the power of AT Guns now, they are something I need to plan for and come up with a counter plan. As I write this Devizes Attack is three days away and that’ll give me four more games of knowledge, so helpfully part 5 can be me talking about learning to play the game well and how I have changed my methods.

Anyway thanks for reading and until next time.


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