Making A Come Back – Part One

Today its great to welcome back one of the founders of Breakthrough Assault as he returns to the FOW fold after a sabbatical.

Hello Everyone

Ben from Breakthrough Assault here, you might remember me from the first four years of this blog before I had a bit of a break. If you do remember me you might be asking why I have returned and that’s not an easy question to answer.

When I left the FOW part of the hobby I felt a bit burned out, I was attending around 18 events a year, playing once or twice a week and painting most of the other nights. Then V4 was in the works and I wasn’t a fan of the cross over, I think I just needed some time away playing other games.

After a break and coming back with fresh eyes I’m happy to say a lot of my concerns over V4 just weren’t there. The game plays really smoothly, the new British, US and Italian books are a ton better than the first two books and at it’s core, its still the same game I loved back in V3. So with the sale of my Netrunner collection I went to my local shop and spent a bucket load of cash grabbing a British Desert army from Armoured Fist.

I decided on British as it would be something new for me having never done British in MW (outside of a Churchill company for the Welsh Open 2013 I think). I also was planning on making this an EW force as well, but surprisingly very few pieces of equipment carry over besides Crusaders and Stuarts and I really wanted to start with Grants (I’m sure that will be a future project).  I also picked up the Infantry (they are on back order) so I have the options for both Infantry and Tank forces. I have a rough list for the first 100pts, but I’m sure it sucks and I will need to pick up some more support to make it functional. In the next post in this series I will probably cover the Grants as they are a new kit to me and will hopefully have some nicely painted models to show you all. After that I will see what I need to paint for an event at a local store I’m hoping to attend, it’s only 50 points so I should be able to get enough painted for that.

To focus myself I have made a 100pts list based on what seems effective (yes I know a tiger would be a massive issue, but meh) and on what I can get painted quickly to start getting some games in.

Bar infantry I think this covers most bases, the fact Grants have HE over most other British Tanks of the period means I’m less worried this would have issues. Recce, artillery/smoke and air support (as I love Hurricanes). But one of the great things for me right now is I don’t really know. For the first time since playing FOW I don’t know what’s good, what the meta is and what makes a good list and that really excites me!

So there you go, I’m back and I couldn’t be more excited to paint up some WW2 models and get playing again. Look for more posts as I get my armies painted, get some games in and then look at attend a few events. Plus I’m already trying to work out what I’m going to do next.  Team Yankee’s new Nato book looks really good!

I love the new Italian plastic tanks and I have half an eye on MW going to the Eastern Front, so a MW/LW Soviet army could be in the works…. yes I have a problem 😉

Thanks for reading and as always, it has been emotional.


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  1. Welcome back Ben!As a mid war desert rats player myself, I can’t wait to hear your opinion and advices on them.

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