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Welcome everyone to another random musing from my mind.

Today the question is when to stop with an army. Because seriously I struggle! I always start a project with the idea that it will have a nice clear defined end point, that due to the twin powers of theoryhammer (theory of war in this context maybe?) and also my awesome battle prowess – my first list is the one which is THE list for that force. Sadly I’m thwarted by two equally powerful forces at every turn.

The first of these is the fact that after a few games of play testing the list I realise that I’ve not made the right decision. If you look back at my Tale of winter gamers, you’ll notice that I realised this early on and changed my mind, and if you look at my review of the schwerepanzerjager you’ll also see how even the best laid of initial ideas don’t survive contact with the enemy (in fact even now i want to revisit and mix up that list!)

But the other idea which keeps me looking on and on is the fact that you can always make another list – you can always buy that one other unit to try something fresh and exciting! As I write this article I’m currently painting the mortars for my commonwealth force and I can’t help but think that I could really benefit from some 6 pdrs (I know my para’s have some but they won’t fit – we all have our demons ok!) or some HMG’s or even some daimlers. It’s because of this that I even bought the landmattress!

In fact this can become such an obsession for me that you end up like my volksgrenadiers where I could fill out the entire organisation chart – just because otherwise I would have that nagging feeling that I’m missing out on something which could make the army go from good to awesome sauce!

So is this the way that you collect or do you have that ability to control yourself so much that you can come up with the list and just do the list? I think that one of my aims for 2014 is going to be to just do this, but I know I’ll keep getting that nagging feeling that I could really do with trying out one other unit.

Well I hope you find that thought interesting, for now I need to return to my mortars, and my late war brits, except for the units which make them canadians – oh and i’m thinking of branching them out to a MW army too – please I need help!

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  1. When I make list I always go with what will give me the most fun to play with, not necessarily the grind the enemy into dust type as thats just to vanilla and really requires no concept of tactics to play with. Far more fun to have a force that requires some thought on how best to tackle todays quarry, makes me think and delivers a more interesting game which gives me greater satisfaction if I pull off the win

  2. Must admit I'm quite the same, cant help collecting ALL the varying support options! I am sure thats how games companies make their money, they know you can't help yourself! 😉

  3. I think that over time, it is fine to keep expanding, as long as you will actually use the stuff you get. One thing I have noticed though, is that eventually a company will "overlap" with another and you can inter-use the units in those companies.

    P.S. I enjoy your random musings, keep them coming 🙂

  4. I'm a value for money kind of fellow, so when I started collecting my Brits I wanted them to be able to be used for multiple lists and also Mid War as well as Late War. So here I am with far more stuff than I really need and a paint queue almost as ugly.

    (But at least I can play a bunch of varied lists.)

  5. Glad i'm not the only one it seems! I often see people talk of 'hobby ADD' and an inability to focus on only on project, which I'm the complete opposite of, and yes it's great when you have infantry with tank support and it can then be tanks with infantry support etc

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