M1 Abrams

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Trying to create a you tube video seems to be a cursed enterprise at the moment.  I once again diligently set out to record a video of my exploits, showing the improvements I intend to make over the M113s that I painted, but I had a bit of a Maskol malfunction.   I was unhappy enough with the result, that I decided to go heavy with the weathering.

I hope that they look like they’ve been in the field for quite some time, perhaps the team are weary and desperate for a break in hostilities, so they can get some much needed R&R.

I’m still getting used to applying snow, I expect after a few games half of it will have come off and probably look a bit more natural.  The scenic bond stuff I’ve got is horrible to work with.


I tried to apply the pattern found on the M60 guide, I’m not sure how successful that was, I had to take some liberties and where the maskol took tore the paint, there’s plenty of variation between each tank.


I actually really wanted to put some camo nets on them, especially around the barrels as I love that look, but I couldn’t find any pictures of M1s with that look going on.  Whilst I’m not famed for my historically accurate paint schemes, I try to paint within the lines on some things.


My tastes seem to have changed a bit with regards to painting from where I was this time last year.  I leaning more towards these are wargaming tokens that I’m painting as opposed to these are works of art that I play games with.  The reason I think for this, is that I’ve painted so much stuff over the years, that hardly ever gets to see the tabletop and I’m a bit worn out.IMG_0542

I won’t be using maskol again, I think its time I invested in some panzer putty or similar.

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  1. I think you managed to pull off the streaking and weathered look of the camouflage very well. The snow looks a lot more like mud however.

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