Live Chat – British Bulge

After years of successfully running our Shoot ‘n Scoot podcast we’ve bitten the bullet and are going to try for a live chat amongst some of our team.

the subject will be the new British Bulge book and we’ll be live on our YouTube channel at 1900 on Tuesday 18th October and the chat will be available on the channel afterwards too.

You can post any questions for the team as comments to this post, or join us live and we’ll try and take questions on the night (you may need to bear with us whilst we work through any last minute gremlins).

See you on the 18th

One thought on “Live Chat – British Bulge

  1. How well are the good citizens of Canada treated in British Bulge. They have a record of innovation (Kangaroos, Rams, Land Mattress etc) But do they have the benefit of any interesting command card options for those budding commanders of the 1st – 5th Canadian divisions, Eh?

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