List Discussion – Schwerepanzerjager – for when you need to absolutely kill the enemies tank!

Good morning everyone!

 these we’re a present from the ever loveable Ben at Christmas to me.

Tetrach vs Jagdpanther who do you think would win?

At the time I was a little stuck on how to use them, as they seemed ‘too much gun’ for my local environment, and the only list I could find for them as core had them as unreliable, but Bridge by Bridge sorted that out with the Schwerepanzerjager company.

So with these guys in place I can now start building lists and having games. Ok firstly looking at the list in general, Jagdpanthers are expensive – thankfully StuG’s are core too. There is no recon which sucks!

Support is either FJ or grenadiers too.

So lets start with the core options,this list is about the Jagdpanther! so I want a platoon of them in it. I find that as a minimum you need three tanks to form a workable platoon, and with the high point cost of the Jagdpanther I’ll take just those three.

The alternative core option is the StuG G, a proper work horse assault gun. I want a relatively large platoon, in case I need to assault (thank you Schurzen), so I’ll take a platoon of 4. Also due to the cost of an HQ vehicle I’ll use another StuG there. In my first iteration of the list I had 2 HQ StuG’s but eventually realised I needed points for supporting units more.

Anti air is next, whirbelwind are the only option, so 2 of them goes nicely, why? Well 12 shots against incoming air, 8 hits, and 1/3 pass their firepower test should deal with most air units. And they can whittle down infantry.

Now I have 3 platoons so far, experience (and the net) tell me that you need 6 platoons minimum as only 2 starting on the board (unless soviets) is suicide.

I have the options of either Vet or Trained, Fearless or confident infantry backing me up (there is the 70 point RT security platoon, I tried it, but as it has to start on the table, you’re back at the 2 platoon situation – tried it and was not impressed!)

I see the infantry having 2 roles, either assaulting as frankly even 5 Stug’s won’t survive long against enemy infantry with AT 3+ in assault. And the other options is on missions vs other armour (or other auto attack) they’ll be holding the objective till the cavalry come.

I would prefer veteran here, as if the infantry are advancing, being trained – whilst more bodies, means that even in cover it’s a 4+ to hit, and their assaults will be weaker.

The FJ have the fearlessness to go on, but as allies won’t benefit from the HQ rerolls, so due to ‘cheapness’ (needing another 3 platoons) I’ve opted for the grenadiers.

I’ve gone for two full platoons, as support each with a HQ faust, this should provide enough assaulting firepower whilst the tanks focus on anti tank and tank assets.

I want smoke, so artillery or mortars. I prefer mortars for the extra roll and frankly they’re cheap too! I see no need for fearless here, so grenadiers is a good option. I would consider the artillery, if it wasn’t for the odd chance when i’m defending, as they’ll likely not start on the board.

You can also take Luftwaffe AA options, but as they’re static in a mobile list I don’t see any real synergy!

This was the list in it’s first outing with the 2 HQ Stugs, and the security platoon

So the current list is..
Hq StuG
4 StuG’s
3 Jagdpanthers
2 whirbelwind
3 section grenadier with a Faust (CV)
3 section grenadier with a Faust (CV)
2 section mortars (CV)

6 platoons, 1745 points.

The alternative one in my head is

Hq StuG
3 StuG’s
3 StuG’s
3 Jagdpanthers
2 whirbelwind
3 section grenadier grenadier with a Faust (CT)
2 section mortars (CT)

6 platoons, 1735 points.

If anyone else has tried these guys let me know any thoughts, and anyone else out there any ideas or opinions would be appreciated.

I’ll let you know how they do

Thanks for reading


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  1. I must admit I have found many of the lists in BBB to be odd, or oddly balanced or lacking a crucial element. Perhaps this historically reflects the availability of german troops at the time?

    However I do like this list for the same reasonas you, it gives me the chance to field my Jagd's… Though thus far have only fielded it to 1200pts, using the HQ as 2 x jagd, 1 platoon of one jagd and a platoon of stugs backing this up…

    Its been enetertaining against XXX Corp for sure!

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