Late War Hungarians – Part 2

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A quick update on my Late War Hungarians. Part 1 can be seen here. I have painted 3 Zrinyi II’s. I really enjoyed painting them and they were really quick! I painted them to look like they had been in the think of the fighting for a few months and are in need of a refit and clean. I was inspired to do this as everything I have read about the fighting in 1944/45 Hungary is constant attacks form the Soviets and units that keep getting throw into the front line.

3 down 7 more to go.

The green is Reflective Green base, washed with Badab Black and then dry brushed with Reflective Green with a few extra lays mixed with White. I then used Mithril Silver to paint chips all over the hull. The dirt around the sides and the bottom is dry brushes of Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, Bleached Bone and White, then careful washes of Badab Black and Devlen Mud to break up the dirt.

The Hungarians turn back the Soviet Invaders! (Well the T34/85 are from
my Finnish army)

Also I have picked up my first lot of infantry, some Assault Pioneers.

Up next will either be some Tigers or Nebs depending on how painting the Tigers goes (not a fan of painting German Camo!).

Until next time thanks for viewing, I hope you enjoyed my work


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Article by: Mark Goddard