Late War Hungarians – Part 10 Panthers

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So this month I start my idea of monthly hobby plans to help keep me focused, great idea I thought! Anyway tonight was my first night were I had a chance to paint (I have been building a lot of stuff this month, but very little time to paint), so what do I paint from my list you ask? My Irish Guards Shermans… no. My Ker and King buildings… no. Must have been the DIY terrain then… no. No I ignored the list and went back to my Hungarian Panthers, best laid plans and that.

I will say there was some logic to painting up the Panthers, was trying a new black lining technique I sort had worked out from talking to Steve from WWPD and from looking at his painted up models. I still think my painting style to based on painting 28mm models and so is taking too long for little reward (the effort vs reward scale as I like to call it). I was sure I could paint the models much fast without a big drop off is quality. So I had a mess around and here are the results

I’m happy with how they have turned out, and very impressed with how fast I painted them, bar airbrushing then I painted all 3 in around 3 hours, which I would like to think is fast in almost any ones books.

The models are the Plastic Soldier Company Panthers I reviewed back in March (yes it did take me that long to get round to painting them!).

From my understanding a research the big Hungarian symbol on the side isn’t historically accurate, but I saw Chris over on Wargamer on Tour but the markings on his Panthers and I thought it added a lot to the overall look of the model.

Next up for my Hungarians is 2 Nimrods and some 149mm Howitzers (which are very rude for the points!).

This last picture shows the difference between the new scheme and the old one…. I personally think the Panther looks alot better than the Tiger. I think I’ll have to redo bits of the Tigers to get them to fit in better.

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    1. I think you might be right, but the Tigers was a pain in the back side to paint (compared to the Panthers) and the Panthers look more striking on the table (IMHO anyway). I can see why people would like both methods, but I'm after speed and a striking look on the table at the moment.

      Thanks Ben

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