KV-1e (SU082) & KV-2 (SU081) Re-sculpts Review

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As part of the Early War Sale I ordered six KV-1e’s (SU082) and two KV-2’s (SU081) for my Mid War Soviets (well they could be used in Early War but those nine tanks would be something like 4,000 points by themselves!). I was quite surprised that when I received my KV’s they were the new re-sculpted version!

I didn’t know what to expect from the re-sculpts, I figured it would just be adding some new tools or something and maybe refining a few details of the model. Man I was wrong!

This is almost a completely different model! The detail is much crisper, the surface is smoother and the lines are neater. These models are almost on par with plastics for their overall cleanness.

You can see from the detail on the back of the tank and the turrets how much better it is! The model is also bigger in all three directions (but not enough that you couldn’t mix the old models with the new). I hope this is something we are going to see more of going forward, as there isn’t much more they can make for FoW which Battlefront hasn’t made already so re-Sculpting the old range seem to be the way forward.

The re-sculpt is on the left, the old version is on the right.

I painted them as I normally paint up my Soviet tanks and I’m happy with the overall finish. In case you don’t know how I paint Soviet tanks (and you want to know) I sprayed them Soviet Green, this is followed by a quick dry brush of Vallejo Green Grey. Next up I black lined all the recesses with an artist pen and then pick out details (tools, tracks and the like). Once the decals are added I weather with Vallejo Green Brown (note this colour only works weathering on Green tanks) followed by a really really little dry brush of Vallejo Iraqi Sand. I normally hate the paint job until I have finished it, this is the point all the colours and techniques come together.

In game terms these guys are monsters in both Early and Mid War. Front Armour 9 on the KV-1e will stop all but an 8.8 or Pak 40, the main draw back is the lack of a good AT. My first run out will be at Reading Warfare’s Mid War tournament where I will run a Mixed Tankovy force, so keep an eye out for the full report.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I always wonder about resculpts and your photo there in the middle gives a good indication as to the differences (though it would be nice if it were a bit larger). Thanks also for the quickie painting suggestions. I've a mess of T-35s to get through here shortly.

    Nick blogs at Spotting Round.

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