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Hello All Adam here,

It’s been a while since I’ve written this kind of FoW article, firstly thank 11825192_824113591019240_3172993884996966597_nyou for reading, I’m certain a few of you have
noticed that compared to a couple of years ago my article output has dropped. Partly this is due to work/homelife (mainly work) but also my spark for the game has gone a bit.

I realised though I wasn’t the only one, with one of our other regular tournament players also less involved, and he’d spoken about post ETC burnout, I wondered after informal chats with a few others at corrivalry whether it was more than just our local area. So I sent an email to a wife group of people and waited to see what responses I got…. The questions were

1. Firstly, do you think the ETC has led to either yourself or people you know being turned off FoW, and why do you think that is/isn’t the case?

2. One idea put around was that it’s pretty intense gaming there, did you find compared to your regular gaming it was/wasn’t more intense and why?

3. In general do you think FoW is as popular in your area as it was 3/5 years ago.

4. Anything else you want to add?

Some of the highlights to responses are below.

Question 1

‘The ETC did contribute- not because of competitiveness or intensity, But because frankly there were too many ********’

‘I think the ETC was a disaster with an unpopular format and poor organisation’11168883_824113594352573_1028035317312379070_n

‘This was enough for them to walk away from the game and find one with a better tournament rule set’

‘The etc can bring out the best and worst in people and I just flamed out after’

‘I don’t think the ETC has turned me off towards FOW and if anything it really motivated me.’

‘The etc is a great concept poorly executed’

Question 2

“Most of the games were great fun, match ups process ruined it”

“The stakes are higher it’s your country that you don’t want to let down”

“There was lack of communication about what they expected from the gaming – that led to bad experiences”

“I didn’t think the competitiveness was higher that what we normally get in my country”

Question 3

“I don’t think FoW is as popular as it used to be people have gotten sick of it and moved on”

“FoW is more popular in my country due to a localised version of the rules”

“There is a steady increase in the number of players”

“Most of the players are 30+ there are not many youngsters playing”

“It’s no where near as popular, broken lists, broken rules and stale missions”

“It is as popular but too many one day comps kill the big events”

Question 4

“I think the stock problem hurt Battlefront, and the MW debacle”11828611_10207446094538730_6956045739283242683_n

“Too many sit, fart and range in armies”

“The rules are in need of a freshen up”

“Even battlefront seem to have lost their enthusiasm”

“The lists are too biased”

“I think Europe needs more regional tournaments”

Now those are a selection of answers (some people went massively off topic, some didn’t answer at all)

I will let you all draw your own conclusions, but I will give you my top three thoughts.

UK vs the rest of the world – by far and away Uk respondents were negative whilst those not in the UK were more positive. Why was that? Possibly I think the fact the UK has multiple ETC teams, I think at the Welsh open there were the vast majority of the English, Scottish, Welsh and N.Irish teams, it’s not just about winning but the bragging rights!
Rule set – not just the age but the broken bits. Many people complain about US arty for example, not just now but for years! Perhaps a more living rule book is needed? Something to keep the game in balance and us on our toes?
Competition- how can competitions be both competitive for everyone but also enjoyable? Do we need to look at different ways of running tournaments? Is Swiss right, or should we consider other formats? Tiers?

Anyway enough of my rambling, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these topics.

Till next time

3 thoughts on “ETC Burnout

  1. Interesting, see I’ve always been a game for fun player with any systeum I’ve played. Whilst I can understand why tournaments are popular ( guarantee games in your chosen system) I also feel they can also be damaging to just having a fun game.

    Pre tournaments everyone is play testing their lists and play style is much more competitive. Tournaments contribute alot to the “Meta” we see in game systems which can lead to the same list being seen time and time again.

    I think themed events do go partly towards mitigation from the same lists. For instance our little group ran a infantry company only league… I think sometimes players can get so caught up in the process of winning they lose sight of the fact that gaming is supposed to be social activity. There’s 2 people at a gaming table and both players should be having a good time.

    In short I think that it’s good to just stop thinking about competitive play.. Write up a couple of balanced lists and grab a friend and roll some dice, win or lose it doesn’t matter.. Is the super pershing points effective??? No… Does it look cool?? Yes… I’m now rambling slightly but the whole point of playing tabletop wargames for me is to have some time with my mates escaping the trappings of real life.. Win or lose it doesn’t matter, just have some fun along the way… That’s my thoughts for the day… Off to the real world I go..

  2. Very good article, i was not at etc. however FoW in my state has cooled off a little, however there are more tourneys in the midwest now.

    4. Battlefront probably needs to update the rules and missions. They could have a player rating like they have for chess.

    Tourneys are fun, however there always seem to be that one player that takes it way too seriously.

  3. As a newer player I do find coming up against large tank or artillery biased lists horrendous as you lose 6 1 in at most three bounds. I also believe some realism with what’s involved at company level at most a hundred infantry where as the Russians seem to be battalion sized. It is very hard to use an infantry company as three platoons with support advancing across a table against 32 armoured cars 20 tanks and artillery, which is not realistic. Socially I enjoy the game as the people on the whole are in it for the crack and pass on their knowledge and experience. Looking forward to this year good tournaments coming up in October, November and December and I will then look at this question again

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