Just Deserts – The Road To Colours 2013 – Axis Plans

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Ben with details of my plans for the Just Deserts painting challenge.

Alex was pretty up for doing The Desert Rats, so I had to choice from the Axis options. I thought this would be an easy choice and I would just pick the DAK, but the Italians really spoke to me and I found myself on Easy Army writing more and more Italian lists. But there was always one problem, I’m not 100% percent sure how to paint Italian armour and with the lack of availability of the Battlefront Sprays I was stuck, this led me to the DAK (and of course Rommel!). I did a DAK army last year and although I sold it and really enjoyed painting it so would happily paint and collect another one. So army chosen it was time to write a list.

With the first goal of getting an army done for Colours 2013 I knew I had to chose my list early and stick it with it. Again back to a few nights of Easy Army and I came up with the following.

Confident    Veteran   Leichte Panzerkompanie
Light Armoured Company
German Early-War
Tank Company
Platoon Qty Unit Points
Leichte Panzerkompanie HQ  p.61
1 Panzer III F (late) or G 155
Combat Platoons
Panzer III Platoon  p.61
3 Panzer III F (late) or G 460
Panzer II Platoon  p.61
4 Panzer II C (late) 225
Weapons Platoon
Panzer II Platoon  p.61
4 Panzer II C (late) 225
Divisional Support
Heavy Panzerspäh Platoon  p.73
6 Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad) 285
Air Support  p.90
7 Priority Air Support Ju 87B Stuka 150
Company Points: 1500
www.EasyArmy.com Source document: Hellfire and Back!

With the rules of the challenge I split the list into 500pts chunks as best as I could (not easy with the points of an Early War army). I’m looking at splitting it down like this:-

  • Month 1 – 4 Panzer III’s (I’m keeping this as a light month as I also have my Welsh Open army to paint)
  • Month 2 – 8 Panzer II’s
  • Month 3 – 6 8-rads and the Stuka
After this I will focus on either an Infantry Company or (if I’m feeling either brave or stupid enough) a Motorbike company for the rest of the challenge, but I’ll leave it until the time and see how I feel then. 

Thanks for reading and until next time


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  1. Ben how do you present your easyarmy lists within your blogposts?
    BTW, best of luck with this project – you have just inspired me to have a look at Hellfire and Back as I have a whole pile of PzIIIs, a couple of 8rads and a stuka…

    1. Hi Scott.

      You can copy and paste Easy Army lists into blogs. The only problem is sometimes you have to change the HTML code to reduced the size of it otherwise it ends up going over the edges.

      Glad to be a bit of inspiration, HFAB is my favourite book.


    2. Thanks for reply Ben, could you elaborate? I noticed the 'Copylist' button on the Easyarmy site, but it doesnt seem to want to paste anywhere after that… sorry if I am being a dufus!

    3. I just highlight what I want with the cursor and then copy that. Sorry if that doesn't help. I have never used the copylist button.

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