Just Deserts Month One – Axis

Hello All,

So the first months Justs Deserts is behind us and so it’s time for an update. Now firstly a quick note to say this challenge is no longer for Colours 2013 as the organizer has decided to do a LW tournament instead, no worries for us as that was always a sub goal in the challenge.

This month was surprisingly tough for me despite only having to paint 3 tanks! Firstly I had to get 12 Churchills paint for the Welsh Open which took up half the months painting time, but then when I finally got around to start painting the tanks it turned out I had give the most important paint to a friend of mine. By the time I got it back I was left with 5 days to paint the 3 Panzer III G’s! Fortunately I’m a stubborn SOB (when I want to be) and made myself got on with it!

I have gone for the very early style of DAK paint scheme, as the tanks turned up in the desert painted grey the crews used whatever they could get there hands on to “repaint” the tanks. I really enjoy painting the scheme as once the base coats of Iraqi sand is done the grey chipping is alot of fun. Looking forward to trying these out as ROF 3 seems like fun!

Tank Teams
Name Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes
  Weapon  Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower
Panzer III F (late) or G Standard Tank 3 3 1 Co-ax MG, Hull MG, Protected Ammo.
  5cm KwK gun 24″/60cm 3 7 4+
Well thanks for reading and until next time

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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys.

    I found the chipping worked better by exaggerating the overal effect, otherwise it gets a little lost on a 15mm model.


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