Just Deserts Month One – Allies

Dr Alex here with reports of my success in putting together my 8th Army Crusader EW list for the EW Colours 2013 tournament.

Now those of you who bothered reading my first post will know that the plan was to paint 1 squadron of crusaders and 2 of the HQ crusaders by the end of June.

Unfortunately I’ve had some problems with this plan…

Firstly Central Command were very slow at getting new troops to me, this turned out to be because some Panzer II’s I’d ordered for Ben as part of the same order were slowing the whole thing down. A filthy Nazi trick to delay my reserves. Fail once.

Then when I finally got some crusaders, I discovered I didn’t have anything resembling the correct paint and neither did my FLGS. Fail twice.

Finally, as Ben has mentioned, Colours 2013 is now a late war tournament. Fail thrice.

Well this plan has not gone well as I had hoped so I have had to make some slight alterations and improvise with what I have been able to put together this month. This has been a Dystopian Wars Chinese fleet.

And so I present my Early War Desert Army so far:

The Yue Class Destroyers, though unable to move as ships and stuck in a desert,
 make some very poorly deployed mortars pay with their Dragon breath flamerthrowers

The enormous skimming Zhanmadao Class dreadnought is at least mobile on land
The Zhanmadao and Dun Class Floating Bastions use their Jui Long
Bi Generators to protect those behind them from incoming DAK fire.
The Jian Class Battleship is a monster with rockets, flame throwers, sonic broadsides and bristling with crew
However again it is immobile in a desert and not deployable except in an oasis
The 8th Army moves off, hunting the Hun

I now have 10 Crusaders and the correct paints, so hopefully by the end of July I will have caught up, otherwise I can show you some more of my dystopian wars stuff…

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  1. I do love Crusaders, they like most British Tanks have a real charm about them. In EW it is a real toss up for me weather I prefer Crusaders or Honey Stuarts. Look forward to seeing yours painted up Wheelie.


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