Jordanian 60th Armoured Division

Hi everyone, Jersey here with a fourth AIW army! Sorry there’s no scenery for the figures and they are just on my painting shelf; my terrain box is unavailiable and if i could get to it there’s nothing “West Bank” like in there anyway!

Combat Centurians
A Platoon of Centurians! I went for hand painted markings in the end instead of decals.

When the new Fate of a Nation book came out I was very excited about the Arab Israeli theatre and purchased myself most of a Jordanian force. Unfortunately during a disagreement someone other than me smashed them up and kicked the bits across a room… which sort of put the project on hold!

When Ben, Adam and Dave picked up their forces for a monthly painting challenge I decided to try and repair the tanks and finish off the army to 1500 points ready for the one day event planned for the 12th of December 2015. I managed to find most of the bits, repair damage to the resin, scavenge spare .50cals from the bits box and soon the rest of the force was ordered.

AT Jeeps for the Breakthrough Guns and speed! It's a shame there isn't a Jordanian Gunner
AT Jeeps for the Breakthrough Guns and speed!

According to my now very late New Year’s Resolution I should be trying to field a Fortified Company, and I certainly could do this for the Jordanians as all I’d need is an extra infantry platoon and a few minefields. The problem is I didn’t want to be any more boring than I had to be and an always defend tank company with semi-indirect fire seems boring enough!

So the list consists of:

HQ: 2 Centurions

C1: 2 Centurions

C2: 2 M48 Pattons

C3: 2 M48 Pattons

W1: 2 M42 (AA)

S1: 3 AT Jeeps

S2: Full Mechanised Infantry

S3: 3 25lb Guns

S4: 3 155mm Guns

The final platoon to be finished! I tried to theme the bases to the West Bank.
The final platoon to be finished! I tried to theme the bases to the West Bank.

Eight platoons seemed better than sx for an always defend list and the guns in there provide extra defencive fire for the infantry and or a way to lash out at Isreali tanks when my Jordanian Tanks are being used for other tasks. Adam has a plane and Ben has taken some 120mm mortars for his Isreali’s but out of the lists i’ve seen ready for December this is the first i’ve seen with some heavy artillary.

The Heavy Guns!
The Heavy Guns! All the metal on infantry and gun units was painted a yellow colour rather than the dusty colour of the tanks. Their British style helmets add a feel theme to the whole force.
There is a reason I’ve gone for platoons of two where possible and that is the Jordanian special rule Qadri. Given that a cleverly used Israeli list will be able to dodge in and out of fire where as my Jordanians will be static at range using semi indirect fire I will be taking casualties being hit on 5+ rolls. Qadri means that on occasions platoons that fail moral checks will not count as destroyed and less points vanish every time i fail a confident moral check.

I wonder if i can catch some night attacking halftracks or infantry with these!

I’d rather have four AT Jeeps as three seem very fragile but four eight platoons including Centurions I didn’t have much of a choice (well I did but this is the type of list I wanted to play!)

I’m looking forward to the event on the 12th as life has been hectic recently and a weekend of war-games is just what I need!

Wish them luck!
Wish them luck!

Some more Germans next for Beachhead Tournament and Corrivalry Tournament at the beginning of 2016!

Happy hobby everyone and I hope all your Christmas Stockings are full of toys!

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  1. Three enjoyable games:
    5-2, 3-4, 4-3 .

    Joint top Arab army, second after count back of opponents.

    Learnt alot from all three games for next time!

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