JBX05 Japanese Type 97 Te-Ke Box Set Review from Battlefront Miniatures


Hi Chaps.  Today we have a review of the Type 97 Te-Ke Platoon (JBX05) from Battlefront Miniatures.  A small review for a small model.

This is a resin an metal mix kit from Battlefront and is 1:100th scale.  The box contains 5 models with enough turrets to do both the MG and the 37mm


The model is made up of the usual parts with a resin hull, resin turret and metal hatches and crew.  One big difference is the tracks.  The hull and tracks are all a single cast piece but don’t worry, gone are the days of the cast on base and the underside of the vehicle filled with resin.  The tracks are now cast into the vehicles without  a base and are fully detailed and you can see the treads on the underside.  I was really impressed with how they looked and it shows how far Battlefront has come with there resin casting.

teke_003teke_002 teke_004 teke_005teke_006


There are also some improvements with the turrets as well with the gun barrels cast in resin on the turrets as a one piece item.  Again they have done a good job here are the barrels as they feel sturdy enough to last on the battlefield but are not too big.

Model construction is very easy.  The casting is very crisp and didn’t need much cleaning up.  To give you both versions of this tank you only need 3 resin parts and the 2 metal hatches.  Not bad for a model with 2 options.

teke_007 teke_008teke_010 teke_009

Overall this is a great model.  Well designed and cast.  An excellent addition to the Japanese range.