Italian FOW Nationals in Milan, June 15th-16th

Today, ,my good friend Paolo and FOW player extraordinaire has done a quick run down of the Italian FOW Nationals which he is running in June.

The Italian tournament of the year: great food, sunny weather, and an excellent test for those departing for the ETC 2024

Link to tournament site.

The Italian Nationals are just around the corner: in a little over a month, they will take place in the outskirts of Milan. I often organize tournaments in my small village of Cornaredo because I really enjoy putting together the event, thinking about the prizes, and finding some gadgets to give to each player regardless of their placement. For example, we’ve just had (April 27-28) the four rounds of DBMM (a 15mm ancient/medieval wargame rule set), with 36 players coming from all over Europe – UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, and even from Hong Kong. However, the FOW Nationals are a very special event: last year, we organized a similar event with the World Championship and the European “Continental” stage, and we hope to have at least 30 players from Italy and abroad.

We’ll be playing Flames of War, Late War, 105 points with the ETC 2024 rules : nothing too restrictive, but it’s still a great opportunity for those preparing for the ETC to test one of their potential lists.

The tournament will take place over two days: Saturday, with three games and an initial ranking in the evening, also valid for the Italian FOW Championship. Then, two more games on Sunday, and a final ranking for the 2024 Italian Nationals.

We’ll be using the latest version of the More Missions, but we’ll avoid scenarios with Strategic Withdrawal in the Saturday games, as we’re concerned it might not be possible to reach the 8 or 9 turns within the 2 and a half hours allotted for each game. Will be possible to use the army books published up to 1st June 2024, and this include the new D-Day Compendium.

As an “official” Nationals supported by Battlefront, each player will receive the 2024 objective, along with a $15 coupon from Slitherine (a British video game publisher specializing in strategy games where I work) and a special surprise gift for each player. We’ll also have trophies and prizes for the top three players on Saturday night and Sunday, plus a painting award for the best army and the best table decoration.

The cost to participate is 25 euros per day (so 25 for Saturday only or Sunday only, 50 for the entire weekend), which includes registration and lunches. The deadline for sending in your list is the week before, Sunday, June 9th, to be sent to my email ( My list will be available for viewing one week before the deadline, as I will check the other players’. Right now we have already around 20 registered players, including international players as Etienne Dufur (Former Swiss ETC Team captain), Stefano Regazzoni (2024 Swiss team captain) and Fred Oz (former French ETC Team captain). A challenging tournament!

The location is a huge indoor basketball court at the sports field in Cornaredo, a small town just outside Milan. The nearest hotel (a double room for one night costs about 100 euros) is literally across the street from the sports field. Additionally, Cornaredo is halfway between Milan and Malpensa International Airport, where budget flights arrive from practically every European city.

Hope to see you there! If you need info or else, just email to me (