Intel Report – T-64 spotted!

Today, Lee brings us breaking news about sightings of a new Soviet tank on the WWIII battlefield, the T-64.

Whilst none of the Breakthrough Assault team could make Salute, one of the largest war-game shows in the UK, I was lucky enough to get sent some photos from one of my regular opponents, Tom.  Tom, in the finest traditions of cold-war spy craft, managed to bag some shots of the new T-64 and BTR-60 models – both plastic kits.


The model features the remote AA gun and gun-launched missile sight that one would expect to see on a T-64B model.  “Kontakt” Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) is conspicuous in its absence.  It began appearing in the mid-eighties and is one of the real differentiatiors with the T-72, along with the gun-launched AT-8 Songster ATGW.  The model does feature the external drop tanks and snorkel equipment (used for deep fording) that was a typical feature of the tank, though.

Hopefully we  will be getting a review copy of Red Thunder soon and then we can start to talk about how it will perform on the Team Yankee table-top.

Finally, here is a bonus BTR-60 APC, also on display. This looks like resin, but may just be a prototype for a plastic kit as previous indications have been that the BTR-60 would be plastic and it looks to have a plastic style upper hull/lower hull join at the front.



5 thoughts on “Intel Report – T-64 spotted!

  1. The BTR is plastic if look closely at the front you can see the join (least ways that’s what it looked like to me ;))
    The BF presence at salute was on the whole a let down 2 small end of row stands and a lack of stock no 432s or BMPs anywhere.

    1. Yep, I made that observation on facebook and should have put it in the article. I’ve done so now, so thanks!

    2. Simon,
      talking to the battlefield Rep at the show, he described the BTR as a 3D printed resin prototype and that the release model would be plastic, they only brought this along as the plastic BTR hadn’t been finished yet.

      Yes i agree with you about the poor turn out of BF, no Team Yankee intro tables and very little stock with no discount of any kind

  2. Has BF confirmed if this will be a missile equipped tank? That sounds like an awesome option for soviet players.

  3. Those look great. I can’t wait to build them!

    I thought the T-64 had a very fat turret, though, that almost went out to the edge of the hull. Maybe that’s the T-62.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to adding both of these to my collection. Well don, Battlefront!

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