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If any of you have been on the Flames of War Facebook group will probably have seen Ignacio Ignacio’s custom tokens, he’s been very busy and has made quite a range. He wasn’t too busy to fit in a set for us to review.

I can across Ignacio thanks to Adam from Dice of War how had ordered some tokens for his Hungarian army. A quick email later and a late night exchange got the ball rolling. The next morning I had a message waiting for me with pictures of the all but completed Japanese tokens! Very quick service. You can custom choose what you want on the tokens (my Japanese tokens were easy as I he had already made a set for another customer I liked), you choose the colour, logo (which can be historical, a club logo or anything you want) and if you want anything extra added like artillery numbers or a different token then ask.

Whats in the pack?

The pack contains a full set of tokens with six of each of the standard tokens (dig in, bailed out, etc), four of the reorganize and non assaulting team tokens and two ranges in markers. You also get objective markers to match your tokens. A nice added extra is a bonus gift, I got some Tiger Ace skill tokens and some Spain Civil War objectives.


These are all hand made to a very good standard. I’m not 100% sure what the material the tokens are made of but they are slightly bendy, nothing to worry about really just something to be aware of. The tokens are the same sizes as the Battlefront tokens and basically just the same high.BF7A0479-806F-4576-945D-DE2763D30E2DA6DB8EB7-D432-4185-BD82-C5B4447E5D02The finish to the tokens shiny and slightly bubbly in places, again this doesn’t effect the over all quality in my opinion but it’s something to highlight. Also as these are hand made so a few of the rounded corners are a little square but you’d only notice on really close inspection (when I showed the tokens to Adam and Andy they didn’t notice, I had to point it out to them). There is no problem with any of the straight lines, they are perfect.

Overall I’m very with the quality of these tokens, yes they aren’t quite as polished as the Battlefront tokens but they are custom and they are near enough as good quality.


There are two options for payment, the preferred method is a trade, which Ignacio will sort out with the customer. The second options is 30 € for 1 set, 50 € for 2 set and 60 € for 3 set, plus handling fees. Each set also comes with a bonus free gift, my ones was a set of Tiger Ace Skill Tokens, but it could also be Booby Traps, Panzer Kanone skills or something else.1C402418-9954-4F0E-8B48-8AAC811CB31C9A30E783-E488-4F56-A1F2-F66BB15C10B0

Closing thoughts

I really like these tokens and I already have a second order in for more! If you want tokens for a particular division or nation not covered currently then I highly recommend contacting Ignacio on facebook. If you do contact Ignacio Ignacio please let him know we sent you.

Here is a selection of some of his other orders so you can get an idea of what you could ask for.

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