US Airborne Engineer Platoon

Hello All

another updated with my latest platoon painted up for my Market Garden US Para Army. I have rounded out my infantry with an Airborne Engineer Platoon.

This is one of my favourite units in the US Para army, The combination of 3 Bazookas, LMG’s and the Pioneer Supply Cart means you have a real combined armies platoon that can take anything thrown at it.

I painted this platoon while very ill to get the platoon done for the Milton Keynes Campaign convention. I know I used the wrong paints on a few parts on the platoon but I think it was not that noticeable.

Well not much more to say, except that I’m taking a little time off painting infantry after this army my second infantry army of the year. I have started planning my next project which will have no infantry in it! But more on that soon.

Well Thanks for reading and until next time


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    1. Thanks Scott.

      Yeah the large US Platoon while great and fun to for the game are a nightmare to paint!

      Still 2 tanks armies being lined up next should be a nice change of pace.

    1. No it doesn't! At the weekend the platoon captured 6 out of 7 T34 from a platoon. Well we all know what Spiers does with prisoners! LOL


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Article by: Mark Goddard