Happy New Year!

Hello All

So it a New Year which normally means New Years Resolutions, but not this year. After many failed attempts we are canning the idea and instead we are going to chat about what we are looking forward to in the new year. So lets pass it over to the team.


The Release Most Looking Forward To:- Hands down it has to be the Pacific! Late War Japanese, bulking out my army, jungle fighting and I might have to get a US Marine company to go with it.

Projects for 2016:- I have a few in the works (it’ll be interesting to see how many I finish). I’m starting the year with Late War Desert Rats for Corrivalry and Beachhead 2016. After that I’m really enjoying EW and I want to complete my French, British, German and Italian EW tank armies I have started collecting. Of course I will be adding to my Japanese once the new book is out, I also have 160 palm trees to base up to go with the Japanese and US Marines to complete the set. Myself and Adam from Dice of War have also been chatting about doing Hungarian Paratroopers (yes there was such a thing), it’s been a project I have wanted to do for about four years now and I think this is going to be the year. I currently have them penciled in for Summer 2016. I have an idea for Fallschirmjagers in EW with gliders after watching Fez play, but that’ll probably be a 2017 project.

Gaming Goals:- I’m hoping to do a load of themed AARs for the blog based on historic events and dates. An example would be to play a Beach Landing game and have the AAR posted on 6th June or an Operation Compass game to come out on the 9th December. I’d love to have around six or so done for the year.


Projects for 2016:- The only project I’m thinking of so Far is EW German forces- I’m hoping to do EW Panzers and infantry (probably mech too) really more a painting project with learning how to modulate perhaps.

Release you are most looking forward:- Bulge compilations – Volksgrenadiers are still my favourites!

Gaming goals:- Gaming goals is tough, another etc is ahead, but I think for 2016 my goal is to do more niche events, things like AIW or odd points/book combinations

Matt Pullen

Release you are most looking forward:- Tanks! and looking forward to the WW2 plastic range continuosly expanding.

Projects for 2016:- Building up all options from British Tank Squadron and learning how to use effectively in tournaments. Learn how to play Team Yankee and bulk out the Soviets.
Gaming goals:-  Focus on attacking armies and i want to run a themed event.


The Release Most Looking Forward To:- British for Team Yankee! Can’t wait to get some Chieftains on the board.
Projects for 2016:- Re-doing my armies to the standard they should be! Starting with my 3rd Armoured American Tanks for Corrivallry, and my Early War German Gliders. New armies may include the S.S Graebner from Bridge by Bridge, with manic armoured car rushes, and Early War British Tanks
Gaming Goals:- To focus on Quality rather than Quantity, As the Armies I’m using this year are already table top standard, I want to put all the finishing touches I always wanted to and push my hobby to the highest standard.


Release you are most looking forward:- I’m looking forward to the Pacific most! I’ve been watching films, reading up on the conflict and it’s next on my list of projects.

Projects for 2016:- Pacific Americans, Mid-Late War Indians,  Italian Armour and Cavalry make up the projects I know about so far.

Gaming Goals:- I’d like to mercenary for the ETC if someone wants me and I can save enough for a holiday with my partner and little girl too to Athens… I’d like to game more in the south and other tournaments too!

So what are you planning for 2016?

Thanks for reading, we all wish you a happy New Year.