Half the Tracks, Twice the Fun! Not your average German list.

Stuart returns after a hobby hiatus to sing the praises for Half Tracks

Mounted Assault!!

To start this article, here’s a look at my past few months of Germans:

  • Tournaments: PakFront 88’s and SS Tigers
  • Firestorm: PakFront 88’s and SS Tigers

I’ve had enough.

I’m tired of playing the same grenadier lists that everyone else is playing. I’m tired of crying myself to sleep after playing an all infantry American list and my redundancy of Anti-Tank 14 being used to shoot at Grasshopper AOP’s.

I want to mix it up, but how?

I’ll tell ya how! Pick my favourite thing in Flames of War and bring a metric ton of it. 

Disclaimer* This list is probably not good, but I’m stuffing all of the fun stuff I can into it and charging forward like a madman. 

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Yes, we are spamming half-tracks. Get on board.

This list has almost everything that I want it to have. Would I like to be able to stuff some SS Tiger/Panther/PzIV in here? Sure, but that isn’t the point here. I LOVE half-tracks.

My first ever army was American Armored Rifles. I won my first tournament with German Panzergrenadiers back in 2016- 2017. I love pushing around infantry in vehicles! I wanted to create something that embodied that emotional attachment, and I came up with this spicy-ness. 

The Choices:

Formation 1:

Armored Panzergrenadiers (HQ + two Units of 7 with Panzerschrecks): Obvious choice here, but they are the flagship of the idea. German Grenadiers that can move a little further in missions I’m attacking, and have built-in support on the defence with the ability to reposition when needed. Adding a Panzerschreck bumps the unit size up by a stand and gives them a little anti-tank capability. If you really want to, you can swap in some 3.7cm guns were available for some extra light armour killers.

Armoured 8cm Mortars (x4): Mortars that provide a pinning asset as well as the smoke which will be critical for a list with such low armour values. 

Armored 7.5cm Guns (x6): A platoon of anti-tank 9, in half-tracks to stay on theme. On attack we are going to rely heavily on these to do a lot of the heavy lifting for killing enemy armour. They’re still half-tracks so don’t expect to go toe to toe with Shermans or T-34’s, but using the mobility and small frame of the model, we can use them to fight enemy armour, and really take a toll on light armour and APC’s. 

7.5cm Tank Hunter Platoon – Pak 40’s (x3): Our best anti-tank asset at AT11. Primarily used in defence as an ambush or to deter enemy armour from a flank. If we are attacking in a mission that we have to use the Reserve rule, this is probably choice number 1 to be off the table. 

Formation 2:

Panzergrenadiers (HQ and two units of 5 stands with Panzerschrecks): The core of our second formation. We know that against allies, we need bodies and redundancy on defense. We cut down to a 5 stand platoons to make the list work at 100 points, but use the ‘schrecks to give us a stand back, while also building in some anti-tank. 

8cm Mortars (x2): Pin. Smoke. Pin. That’s it. It’s a formation choice that’s dirt cheap so that helps. 

Armoured 7.5cm Gun Platoon (x6): Another one. Let’s stay on theme and pack in what we like. More AT9, more half-tracks, we like everything this platoon offers. 

Armored Flame-thrower platoon (x4): This is a flavor choice for sure. Most people will call this a non-competitive choice, and they’re probably right. However, I like them so they’re here. If by chance they ever make it across the table, four shots, re-rolling successful saves and auto firepower. Could be good. 

Sd Kfz 250 Scout Troop Two 2cm and 1 MG (x2): Some recon, some more MG’s, some more mobile platforms. They fit theme, they help in deployment and they’re cheap. 

Wespe Battery (x3): More mobile artillery, of a larger variety. Wespe have become a staple in a lot of German lists. I’ve never used them but they’re gonna be a big part of making this list successful. A good battery that can be turned into AT in a pinch. 

Hummel Battery (x3): More mobile artillery, of the largest variety. The big brother to Wespe in every way. Another unit that is new to me, but I’m excited to be rocking some FP 2+. This list really needs versatility, so another unit that can fire a template and then shift over to an AT asset if needed, we like that.

Big Picture Choices

If you’ve played Germans before today, you know about the 116th Greyhound card and you’ve probably used it. It’s an absolute no brainer here. 24 points extra? A 24% points advantage? An absolute must-have here. It does come with a significant downside, which is losing Third Reich and having 5+ Last Stand on affected units, but we offset that by taking units (read: infantry) that are durable and can last. If we’re testing Last Stand, be comfortable losing that platoon. 

Another way that we offset it is by bringing two formations, making it that much harder to break our force. Obviously getting extra guns and tracks is a positive, but we really need to create redundancy where we can and instead of going to support to fill gaps, we keep it in the formations. 

105 point standard: Locally, we seem to play a lot of 100 point games so the list is built for that. If you’re playing 105 for a tournament there are a couple of directions you can go. I think, personally, I’m adding Panzerfausts to the five-man units of Panzergrenadiers, and an Artillery OP. Panzerfaust for the defensive units makes a lot of sense.

We don’t have a lot of AT above 9 in the list and the AT 9 stuff are all pretty soft bodies so getting assaulted by armour isn’t really that crazy to believe, especially things like Churchhills, so we can always use that extra punch. For the OP I considered using the Lucky Card here but honestly, I never have much luck with it (no pun intended). An OP really fits the theme here as we have four templates and we never know how capable they’re gonna be independently, and we can take a command card to put it in a half-track, because why would we not? 

I really like this list. It has everything I want to fit in a list, and I get to push around 30+ half-tracks.  Let me know what you think about it, what changes you might make, within the theme or not. 

I’ll be pushing out another follow up of how I’m adapting this list to fit into the Bagration: Germans meta! 

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Article by: Stuart King