Team Yankee – Hail Review

So another unit completed! Firstly throughout the process I kept wanting to say ‘bring the rain hail’ because when these guys drop a template that’s going to be the effect!


Putting them together should have been easy – but moving house meant it wasn’t, I misplaced the rear part of the rocket launcher and painted the rest waiting to found it after I moved – which I did – the biggest downfall here was that it unbalance the rocket launcher, but magnets help – and otherwise it is a really easy model to assemble, little flash, a couple of bits of lost resin near the wheel arches (but that just got painted up as damage) but otherwise a lovely build.


In game terms I’m really intrigued to see how they work out – especially as unlike normal FoW the soviets can now use smoke! Up against the Carnation the Hail is 8 points as opposed to 10 (for 6) and is of course less able to stand up to gun fire, (and less mobile as well) however they get to use the larger salvo template as well.


I painted it in a very similar way to the shilka as well so i won’t go into lots of depth on this. But once again its a base of green khaki, highlighted with light green khaki – again with a brown lining, brown filter, rust and grime streaking, and a bit of mud as well.P1020371

Anyway I hope you like the model and now to try and get some air power done!

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