Great War German Commission – Blitz’s Battlegroup

Hi folks

Today I finished painting the Blitz Battlegroup from the Great War commission I started this year.
This has been a very enjoyable project for me to paint and I can’t even begin to add up the hours  spent painting this.  I’ve grown very fond of this force and it’s going to be hard to hand it over.

Anyway, here it is and in a break from the norm I’ve made a little set up.

1st Platoon dig in for the incoming assault

Now you see why I don’t put grass on the bases
Wotan and a Sniper provide supporting fire

HMGs have the centre covered
2nd Platoon launch a flanking maneuver

Flamethrower teams itching to get stuck in lead the charge
Trench guns provide supporting fire

The newly arrived Mephisto give the troops a morale boost

AT Rifles waiting for that perfect shot

That’s all the Great War fun for a while, I’ve got to crack on with another commission and eventually get around to painting something for me.  I’ll return with part 2 of this commission end of March/Beginning of April, when I add in some captured Mark IVs and a Stoss platoon.

Take it easy guys


5 thoughts on “Great War German Commission – Blitz’s Battlegroup

    1. What color did you use for the uniforms? Is it historically accurate? (Not a criticism, just a question as i like the colour so much) It looks very eye catching.

      Your posts are making me want to paint some great war…

  1. Thanks guys, the uniform colour is none other than German Uniform (85) 70.92
    Great colour I'm glad I held off painting until it had arrived. I added Sunny Skintone to make the highlight colour.

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