Great War German Commission – Beute Mark IV

Hooray my first minis painted since the big move.  Life has dramatically changed for me since the house and job move, but I can’t tell you how glad I am that it’s finally done.  Unfortunately I’m not able to paint in the kitchen any more, which is where I used to do my airbrushing as I found being near running water and a sink invaluable.

I haven’t quite figured out where my new painting spot is in the new gaff…but it didn’t stop me from getting my Great War German commission finished.

Captured tanks are nearly always awesome and these are no exception….being German the painting options are a bit wider than British Green and there’s such little source material on the subject that I figured I had free rein.

In game the A7V seems to do better than the MarkIV…mine have had no problems dying…they pretty much just fall apart by themselves 🙁

Here they are in female configuration

Well, I’m not gonna lie (an Adamism) I’m glad that’s over.  Now I can get back to painting stuff for me…Soviet infantry I reckon.

Take it easy


5 thoughts on “Great War German Commission – Beute Mark IV

  1. They look great. I love the interesting colour airbrushed on them. Very cool blending of colours. Makes me want to do one of mine as a captured one.

  2. That's some really good work, am just starting out with the airbrush so would love some more painting logs to read thru, the weathering you've used is very good just the right blend of enough but not too much

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