Great War German Commission – A7V

Hi all,
I’ve pretty much given up on making plans, as it seems whenever I do, something else crops up and and knocks all those best laid plans sideways.  To this end I haven’t bothered with new years resolutions and I’m scrapping the painting list.  The reason is quite simple, I find these things add stress and detract from the enjoyment of what is simply a hobby.

If you asked me a couple of months ago if I was interested in doing more commissions, you’d have heard a resounding “NO WAY!”  Commissions in the past have been more like work than fun and typically get in the way of my resolutions or prevent reducing the size of my to-paint list.

When I asked if I fancied doing a Great War German commission, I realised I actually quite fancied it and I’m not being constrained by resolutions and lists…so I accepted.  Now I’m quite lucky, in that my client is not in any hurry, which is lovely.

So far I’ve built, cleaned and primed everything from the Blitz Battlegroup boxset.  I wasn’t happy with the uniform colours I had to choose from so I put an order in for more paint and in the meantime set about painting up an A7V.

What a great vehicle to paint, the big sides really play to the strengths of modulation and the tonne of rivets and detail keep the vehicle interesting.

This is a great way to start a pretty big commission and immediately gives my client some feedback as to progress.  Next up I’ll be tackling an infantry platoon, or maybe both.  I’m not settled on how I’m going to them yet.  I should probably follow the same technique I used for the Brits, but something about that is niggling me and I’m not sure it’s appropriate for the German Grey.  I know that I want to improve the black lining, making it stronger than previous paint jobs.  Something to mull over…and over…and over…
thanks for looking

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