Great War AAR – British Rifle Company Vs Germans Infanteriekompanie – The Big Push

Hello All 

So after 11 months of no Great War games myself and Winner Dave got are second game within a week!

As I talked about in the last game, this time I would defend in the Big Push against Winners British. Winner decided to change his list into a Veteran version of his old list. If I’m honest I had been thinking of doing something similar so I’d be interested to see how this works out for him.

We decided to play at Entoyment, partly as it’s halfway between are houses and partly to try and drive up some interest in Great War as a period. When I rocked up Winner had already set up the terrain so we got stuck in!

British Rifle Company (Veteran)

  • HQ
  • Full Infantry Platoon
  • Full Infantry Platoon
  • 4 HMG’s 
  • 1 Mark IV Male
  • 2 OQF 18pdr (Artillery Detachment)
German Infanteriekompanie (Trained)

  • HQ + 2 Flame Throwers + 1 Granatenwerfer
  • Full Infantry Platoon
  • Full Infantry Platoon
  • 4 HMG’s (Turned into HMG Nests)
  • 2 A7V’s
  • 2 Trench Guns


Dave’s right flank.
The middle.
Dave’s left flank.
Ben’s left flank.
Ben’s right flank, in hindsight the Trench guns were a little too close to the
front line…


The advance begins.
The left side moves up too.
The German infantry braces itself as the Mark IV moves up!
The Mark IV tanks out one of the Trench guns.
A rifle grenade scores a hit on the HMG nest.
A lucky rifle shot kills an infantry team.
The German HMG nests return fire.
The infantry on the Germans left take a beating.
The German infantry opens up to pin the platoon on the Germans right.


Dave sat still this turn and his shooting didn’t do much bar destroy my
last trench gun.
This time the HMG nests were less effect and only scored one kill.


Dave again sat still and shot. The Mark IV pinned a HMG nest.
The A7V arrives from reserve.
One of the HMG nests shots at the Mark IV causing a point of damage.
The other nest adds to the fire and causes a second point of damage.


The tank fixes one point of damage.
Dave starts to move forward.
The damaged Mark IV pins the HMG nest.
The second infantry platoon arrives from reserve and doubles onto the board.
A brave flame thrower team moves forward into no mans land.
The original infantry platoon moves through the trenches.
The flame thrower scores one hit.
The infantry shot the advancing infantry.
The HMGs add to the fire causing more damage.


The now fixed Mark IV carries on moving.
Dave recycled both platoons of infantry, placing one on each flank.
The second wave on the left moves to the wire.
As does the platoon on the right.
The Mark IV moves up as well.
The 18 pdr which had been very quite up until this point scores a hit on the A7V.
The Mark IV destroys a HMG nest.
The newly arrived infantry shots a good hit on the infantry in the trenches.
The new platoon gets pinned down by HMG fire.
The final German reserve arrives.
The new platoon unpins and advances.
The damaged A7V shots the Mark IV and causes one point of damage.
The A7V then kills an infantry stand. 
The HMG nest then causes another point of damage on the Mark IV.
The Infantry on the left adds to the casualties to the advancing British.


Dave withdraws the infantry from his right and brings them on behind the platoon
on the left flank.
The Mark IV fixes itself
The infantry advance over the wire.
The Mark IV pins a HMG nest.
Before the 18pdr adds more damage to the damaged A7V.
A rifle grenade hit destroys another HMG nest.
The infantry kill another team and the German right is starting to look ropy!
The HMG’s cause two more casualties.
The British assault the German trench lines.
killing one team.
They then consolidate to take the objective.
In a rush now the German left flank rushes over to the right side.
The damaged A7V fixes itself and takes out a British HMG.
The other A7V moves over to contest the objective and kills an infantry team.


The 18pdr and the Mark IV destroy the A7V contesting the objective.
Pinned down by the British HMG’s the infantry fail to unpin leaving only one
hope for the Germans.
The remaining A7V which breaks down trying to contest the objective…
4-3 to Winner. 

That was, last the last game, a close game! Losing the Trench guns easy was silly and I think next time I will leave everything off the table, bar the HMG nests and a platoon of infantry.

We are starting to get our heads around Great War, but I fear we are focusing too much on The Big Push mission, all our lists are focused on this at the moment. I have a feeling once we start playing the other missions we’ll see the use in some of the other units.

Next time we are going to play Through the Mud and Blood, so keep your eyes pealed for an AAR soon.

Thanks for reading Ben

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6 thoughts on “Great War AAR – British Rifle Company Vs Germans Infanteriekompanie – The Big Push

  1. Looks like a fun and close game. The wave attack and small table is nice for attacking fortifications like that.

    Do you think there are any missions that could be adapted to ww2 flames? Maybe for vs fortified lists?

    1. If you did infantry on infantry then I think you could use the missions without too much work, but if you had tanks you'd need to move the deployment zones or they could assault on turn one.


  2. really nicely done battle report, it does make me tempted to look into the WW1 FoW stuff…. but as Tom mentions, perhaps a different ruleset would be a better idea. In fairness, I already have more rulesets than I need but it never seems to stop me buying more!

  3. Fantastic set of Great War battle reports with lots of pictures of nicely painted miniatures. I will definitely read all of your Great War battle reports to get a better idea of how different it is from WWII FoW.
    I have gotten one or two fellow wargamers interested in this period, so I can't wait for the release of the proper Great War book this month, as only of them is only interested in playing the French.

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