Goodbye from Coxer

Dear Readers

Due to changes with work and family I no longer feel I have the time to commit to this blog. I’ve loved every minute of being part of the team here, but times are changing. I will still be playing FoW and I hope to see many of you around the tournament circuit over the coming years.

But I wanted to thank you all for reading the blog, and also your emails and comments about my articles in that time. 
Best wishes to you all for the future


6 thoughts on “Goodbye from Coxer

  1. Thanks from me and no doubt lots of fow fans Adam. The whole of the team at BA have always been entertaining and a great asset to the wargamming hobby especially FOW. Thanks Adam see you soon mate.

    Steve Charlton

  2. Thanks for all the good reads, without a doubt it’s helped my hobby come along.

    See you around!

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