Going Global

OnTableTop (Formerly Beasts of War) are taking up the mantle of running an online Global Campaign to tie in to the smashing D-Day releases.
Timed to coincide with Battlefront’s Hobby League wrapping up (though some of us are still grafting on), the campaign will be running for six weeks at the end of this month, compiling results from around the world to decide the eventual outcome of the D-Day landings for ourselves.

Will the Allies roll through the German lines, smashing the historical timings, or will the Germans upset history, and hold firm against the largest amphibious landing the world has ever seen?

 What’s in the pack?

 Battlefront are distributing packs for this event to make running this campaign easy for your local gaming club, FLGS, or hobby group.
 In the pack you will receive;

  • A campaign map and tracker in one, showing the three routes of attack across the campaign: Orne via Caen to Vernon (British), Carentan via St. Lo to Roen (British and US), and Saint-Mere-Eglise vis Cherbourg to Paris (US).
  • A Global Campaign sign-up sheet to register your interest, and allow your TO to keep tabs on who wants to get involved.
  • A sticker sheet to mark off your club/store’s results on your map. German or Allied symbols to show successes in each area.
  • And of course the Campaign booklet itself, containing the rules for running the Campaign at your club/store, and details of how to register your group on the OnTableTop event when it kicks off.

How Will It Run?

Anyone familiar with the old Aces campaigns will recognise the layout of the tactical maps immediately. Each ‘route’ is dedicated to one of the routes of attack the Allies utilised during D-Day and the Normandy Breakout.
On each route are locations (e.g. Caen, Falaise, etc), and each week the locations matching the week number will be opened to be fought over; i.e. in Week 3 the following routes will open for battle: Hill 112, Mt. Pincon, and Coutances. Results will be gathered from hundreds of players all over the world to determine the overall victors in these areas.
 But Mark, I hear you cry, what’s the point? My result is just a number in a pile of numbers, and at the end of Week Six the Allies reach their targets anyway! Well, that is true, History will not be entirely rewritten by this campaign, however, each week the victor in each area earns a bonus to be applied to Battles fought in the next area on the route. I’ve got an example below.

In this example, if the British 7th Armoured push the Germans out of Caen, then when they reach Falaise, they may move on Objective 4″/10cm in any direction!

So, there are good situational bonuses to play for in this campaign. And of course, everyone loves adding a bit of a storyline and character to their games.
Personally, I will be getting my British in fighting shape (using Cromwell models as a Sherman Squadron), and leading the charge at the head of the British Forces, from Gold to the heart of France.

Points Make Prizes

 And of course, as per every Global Campaign Battlefront have run prior, they are offering prizes to the clubs/stores who get involved in a big way. In the past, for the Team Yankee Campaigns, it’s been my own Club (Glasgow Games Group) who have earned the goodies. But, I have no doubt that this time round there will be a swathe of competition from all over Europe!

1 set of Rural Road and 1 set of Rural Road Expansions
5 European Houses
1 Municipal Building
1 Caen Church
1 Double Sided Battle Map

With prizes like these on offer to clubs, you should get involved in any way you can. Register with OnTableTop on the 28th October to sign up under Axis or Allied, and start registering your results.

Your Results Count!

So whether you are doing it as part of a club, LFGS or just playing in your garage with a friend.  Get your forces ready and standby to be part of something big.