Getting Back To My Hungarians

Hello All

It’s been a while since I have done anything with my Hungarians, but when I signed up for the Brighton Bash 2013 so I decided paint up some Hungarian Infantry.

The first platoon I set about doing was an Infantry Platoon.

These were not the funnest unit I have every painted! A lot of brown followed by a lot of brown! But once I got past the brown stage and added the other colours they really come together and in the end I was quite happy with them.

Next up I painted my Nimrods. I love these little anti-aircraft tanks. They look really modern for a WW2 AFV, they are also a great little unit in the game.

I followed a colour scheme I found on a very good WW2 AFV website (can’t find the link now) instead of the more common tri-colour scheme as I wanted them to match my Zrinyi II’s.

Next up I have the second infantry platoon, mortars, Pak 40’s and 149mm artillery. So plenty to keep me going for the tournament in January.

As always thanks for reading and until next time.


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  1. Very nice Ben. Just wondering what made you go for a Hungarian force, as they are not one of the 'big players'.
    Was there some quirk of their army-lists that appealed, or some theme you wished to pursue?

  2. Good question.
    I guess it was because I wanted to collect an army that was a little different and that I didn't know much about. I have read a lot of WW2 books over the years on US, German, British, Finnish and Soviet forces. But bar a little on the Hungarians at Stalingrad I hadn't really read much on them, so they are somthing new to me which made them very interesting. When Grey Wolf came out the lists really appealed to me so I decided to collect an army. Now I nearly have 4,000pts with plans to get a bit more…

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