German Obsessions

I honestly wish I didn’t enjoy playing Germans! The problem is that I do, and unlike every other nation it requires relatively little expenditure to move from list to list to list.

Well there’s been one style of list I’ve not been able to do before – and I’m rectifying this mistake now – I’m coming for you Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers!

After mine and Ben’s trip to Portsmouth, I felt like I was really missing my good old British vet infantry – and he reminded me of the potential for Mech Germans, now up till now I’ve avoided them because they are not easy to play! As with any mech list you have to balance Attack vs defence, and your transports are fragile to boot. On the other hand, they look iconic (and cool) and allow you to dictate the initiative.

Now the question is which list to go for? I threw the question out to the masses, I think sometimes getting the worlds view on a list (though less keen on the exact details) really helps, the broad strokes as to why certain lists play in certain ways.

The most common suggestion was Lehr – and why not? Extra bases of tank hunter teams, good veteran support – what’s not to like? Well nothing – except I think that to do these guys justice I’d need the proper infantry – and I’m just too damn lazy at the moment!

HG panzergrenadier also were suggested – again rerolls to morale tests is never bad – actually had a look at the Belgit Brigade lists – again reroll to morale, a cool special character (used him in MW) and panzer 4/70 – but getting a decent list was tough – though StuH’s were tempting.

Eventually I decided upon the ethos of ‘all the gear – no idea’ and have hit up desperate measures for a Vet list.

So what’s in it? Well HQ and two core platoons – because I’m going with my ethos of ‘all the gear’ I’ve upgraded one platoon to panzersturm with assault rifle/panzerfaust, and the command vehicle to a sd.Kfz 251/21 ‘drilling’ – I still love this model – even if they are a little crap, but having them in the platoons gives a little extra AA – and strangely should hopefully allow me to avoid paying for an AA platoon as they are self defence but still fire at full RoF.

The next unit I want is a recon unit – now I already have the models for the sd.Kfz 234/4 – but I fancy something different in this very mobile list – I also would like something which could be used in other lists too – whilst I like the idea of the sd.Kfz251/21 and some 250’s – I’m really wanting the panzer II Luch – a light tank, just screams cool to me!

For the needed ‘heavy’ AT I’m once again going panthers – I just love these guys at the moment! The mix of armour and mobility just keeps them in the ‘win’ column

Next though I need a little extra AT – in most other panzergren lists I would go for Pak40’s – so I will again – the sd.Kfz250/22 the ‘pakwagon’ they are not an optimal choice – I was also really tempted by the tiger ace Hetzers – but I think that with keeping with the ethos of the army I need to include them.

Finally smoke – I like the kampfgruppe platoon, but the price increases quickly – at lower points the trusty neb, at higher then panzerwerfers – again all mobile, all cool, all over costed!

The big thing I’m missing is rudel – but then this is not an ‘optimised’ list…

Anyway here’s it looking ready to rumble, and hopefully some AAR’s soon

9 thoughts on “German Obsessions

  1. I've been playing and enjoying the lehr panzergrenadiers. Panzergrenadiers are tough with having to plan for attacking, defending and mobile reserves.

    For your list, using some combat attachments or hq assets to bolster your numbers might help the panzergrenadiers to stick around on defense.

    I love when people spend time hunting down my half tracks. They are great for massed mg fire.

    Keeping the panzergrenadiers in the half tracks is tough. They rely a bit on target saturation and terrain to keep them alive on offence.

    1. Sadly, the list only has an HQ panzerschrek to combat attach (though I'm planning on making some tank hunter teams so I can try Lehr) having played a couple of games now, I found a road network helps on offence, I try to 'smash and grab' on defence though I run and hide until I have enough force for a counter attack

    2. Roads are really nice for speeding up those half tracks! I tried more of a counter attacking defence in my last game and I think it does work better. Panzgrens don't have a lot of assets to set up a static castle/gunline type defence. It is tough to have more than three platoons on the table in defensive missions and so your reserves are important. I really enjoy the challenge of mechanized. I;ve only gotten off one mounted assault so far though. I usually just dismount and go through the woods.

    1. I use Vallejo air dark yellow (with sand highlights) for the base, then Vallejo air cam light brown, and Vallejo air can green

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