German Heavy Mortars

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Here are some heavy mortars I’ve painted up. They
were a unit I started before my current Tale of Two Winter Gamers, but never really did more
than a base coat. So I’ve scraped the bases clean. The platoon
commander was actually my test model for my current German paint scheme.

I always like the idea of mortars, as I seem to face lots of vet dug in infantry – so an extra dice to range in is very helpful. That plus the 3+ firepower test should be more than enough to shift dug in troops.

had thought, initially like the allies, they’d have smoke – which I was
wrong about. I think it limits their usefulness, if they could smoke too, then I think they would be a unit I would automatically include in the list, without it they become harder to justify. On the one hand the points for a decent artillery battery would be 50+ points more and they could smoke, on the other hand the heavier artillery would be harder to move if needed.

German artillery has never wowed me, but then it doesn’t have Time on Target or
Mike Target which help the Allies so much. I think if I was to use theses in a game, I would probably also take a normal mortar platoon too, for the smoke, and let these guys hammer the infantry. I think they also may have a small anti tank role, whilst only AT3 in barrage, against the allied shermans, with their 3+ firepower there is a small chance they could bail or even destroy the odd sherman or two.

Gun Teams
Weapon Mobility Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower Notes
12cm sGW43 mortar Light 56″/140cm 3 3+ Source document: Nuts!

Thanks for looking Adam

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  1. Nice work. I like Heavy mortars. some list let you take 10.5 CM Mortars I use mine for either. The 10.5CM's have smoke but only a 4+ for fire power and slightly shorter range 40" I think..

  2. Nice job. I painted my set up a little while back. I have used them a couple of times, but as you state the lack of smoke makes their inclusion in your force a tricky one, yet a blog reader commented that there was a smoke round available for them so why it doesn't get that option in the game I don't know.
    Must admit when I did use them they were excellent at blowing apart infantry sheltering in ruins / buildings…

  3. That's probably the one thing that's holding me up, adding them to my Kompanie………….the lack of smoke, that and the fact that 10.5cm Arty (FV) costs the same(ish), and has smoke!!!,……………..however do like the two observers for the unit, makes it that 'bit' harder for the enemy!…………I hope/think!

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