Five Shades of Panzer

Hi all Coxer here again with more ramblings for you, this time about LW panzer lists.

The ongoing problem I have is this, ‘getting what I want, for the points that I play, and covering all the bases, is tough!’ I’ll start by going though my ‘methodology’ on a list, and then look at how that plays into the construction of a list.
Some of my new panzers, and other stuff I’ve been working on/updating
I look at LW panzers as a real rapier list, you do not have the luxury of hitting lots of places – you lack the numbers, your main aim is to hit hard and fast in one area and punch a hole though – whether that’s to the objective or the soft underbelly of the artillery park. 
Because of this, you need a mobile force, everything needs to be moving (also helps defending in mobile battles too…)
Now the bit about breaking through is very ‘anti infantry’ and that’s my main thought, the real question is how to breakthrough as quickly as possible? Well the imaginary enemy I have here is always 2ID. That means I need to deal with a big infantry unit with multiple bazookas – so I need them softened up, smoked and pinned prior to assault (and ideally hitting them in large numbers so assaulting back is less painful). I know there will likely be some AT guns behind which need to be neutralised, and an AOP dropping arty. 
So I want the basics I love, recce, smoke (Nebs!) and some light AA – a plane is just one less platoon for me to deal with.
I’m really digging have a breakthrough gun to deal with AT guns, it just makes sense, they force your opponent to react, he can’t not shoot at them, and if they hit it’s an almost guaranteed kill – due to good fire power as well. 
The other consideration though is lots of enemy armour, so 20+ t34/85’s with some cat killer tanks backing them up – I need something which can reliably deal with this hoard coming at me and withstand the return fire.
So where does this lead – well I’m going to throw out the ‘conventional wisdom’ you don’t need two platoons of panzer 4’s – they are great, but you will normally only get three platoons of tanks in a 1650-1750 point list, and I want one to be an ‘assault’ unit (panzer 4’s), an ‘anti tank’ unit (4/70 or panthers) and an ‘anti anti tank gun’ unit. Oh and I want to be in your face so spearhead please – getting all of these + your smoke/recce/AA is impossible (unless you want to be trained – be my guest be trained please)

So here are 5 lists which are all in that 1650-1750 area (coincidentally all on my mind for upcoming events) which almost hit all the criteria

Panzerkompanie- Grey wolf (revised) 1675 
Hq 2 Panzer IV H
4 Panzer IV H
3 Panthers
4 Brummbar 
2 Pumas
2 flakpanzer 38t
3 nebs + transports 
Now I think this is a very solid list, you have 2 assault units (brumbars have Schurzen too!) the panthers for tank hunting, and the breakthrough guns – though short ranged. On top of that the Pumas can add a little punch too (please note I do not advocate shooting with your recon!) 

Von Benningsen- nachtjager (1800)

Hq Panther
3 panthers + IR
Jagdpanzer + 2 panzer 4/70
Jagdpanzer + 2 panzer 4/70
3 ostwinds
234/1 and 234/4
2 Grille
Now this is only just feeling ‘ok’ not thinking its a tournament winner TBH.  You have a lot of high end AT, but assault platoons of 3 (4 with the IC) and reluctant means you’re not going to win many assaults. Also a lack of smoke but the night and spearhead I think help with this. Finally a couple of breakthrough guns to deal with pesky AT assets before you assault. 
Lehr – Panzers to the Meuse (1750)
Hq – panzer 4 J
4 panzer 4 J
4 panzer 4 J
Gepanzerte Aufklarungs – extra sdkfz 250’s + tank hunter
3 volks RT 15cm nebs
2 Pumas
3 panzer 4/70
This is more of a classic list, very in your face with 4 spearheading platoons. It lacks the breakthrough guns and AA (I can live with this though) and it’s main aim is to breakthrough into the soft underbelly for objectives.
Panzerkompanie – fortress Italy – 1650
HQ 2 panzer 4 H
4 panzer 4 H 
3 panthers
4 semovente 105/25
2 flakpanzer 38t
2 8 rad
2 nebs + transport
Ah this is my current favourite list, it covers all the bases – except spearheading. The Semovente is like a StuH ‘light’ and costs significantly less points. Again all the little bits which help the main force alive as well. 

KG peiper – Devils charge 1750

HQ King Tiger
King Tiger
4 panzer 4
4 panzer 4
3 Pumas
4 Grilles
3 Ostwinds
So you have combat platoons, high AT, AA, recce, breakthrough guns – just lack that veteran status… To me this is one of the few trained panzer lists which I think can really work, again the real weakness is being trained, you don’t hit as hard in assault and AoP’s love you. (ask Matt – his AoP loved my tanks!)
So there you have it my 5 lists, I know that there are some other strong contenders out there, Desperate measures, SS wiking etc, but none are as good as the above IMHO – but please if you have other good lists let us know

Thanks for reading Coxer

One thought on “Five Shades of Panzer

  1. An old list from Fortress Europe: Panzerkompanie
    HQ – 2 x P4H & 1 x Sdkfz9
    CBT – 4 x P4H
    CBT – 3 Panther
    Recce – 2 x Puma
    AA – 2 x Mobelwagon
    Arty – 2 x Nebs
    Breakthrus – 3 x StuH42

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