Finnish: HMG platoon (Winter) and Jääkäri Platoon (Winter)

Hi everyone thanks once again for reading.

Bringing you more of my expanding Finnish collection, this time the HMG’s and my second Jääkäri Rifle Platoon (Winter) (My first Jääkäri and the other mortars are here)

The Jääkäri are the second compulsory choice in most list, and I have to say that I painted them pretty easily having done the last platoon. I will admit to starting to have flashback to why I hated painting white last time though! The one thing I do like about the Finn infantry are the officer/NCO models, there is enough variety and character in these that I still enjoy painting them.

The HMG’s are something which I normally don’t bother using, but with these chaps only having rifles in EW the extra shots in defensive fire seem with it. You may notice the ammo carriers are far away from the gunners, a) I didn’t think about this when assembling for some reason, and b) I was blinded by the holes! I just slotted people into the bases, please people beware of blindly putting models in holes!

Hopefully next time I’ll start with my thoughts on EW finnish lists.


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  1. Great looking figures. Well done with the shading of the white uniforms.

    I really dislike the new bases as they are quite restrictive and don't work well with metal figures that are laying down, etc. I'll be steering clear of them I think!

  2. The one advantage these sets had for the laying down fingers were metal plugs for some of the holes. Could just seal them with putty and they add the figs like on the old style bases

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Article by: Mark Goddard