Finnish BA-10 Armoured Cars

Hi all

just another little update for my Finn’s.

These little beauties are some Zvezda BA-10 armoured cars,
they’re the only wheeled reconnaissance option available to the Finn’s and are
useable in Mid and Late war.

The model itself was a bit fiddly to put together, and those
of you with eagle eyes will notice there are no headlamps on my cars, frankly
it was too much of a pain to get these to stay in place. The wheels and their
joints under the car are also surprisingly tricky to fit together without some
of the thin plastic breaking in places. I’ll be honest, they are a lot of time
and effort for something so small, and I think the battlefront ones may have
been a better call being less pieces!

As for painting them I’ve learnt a little from doing the
T-26’s, and having done the tri colour camo did not wash them after. In fact
all I did after that was the decals and some matt varnish over those! The
chipping of the white wash again I used toothpaste, but used less and let it
dry a little more before the white wash – this led to some shrinkage in the
toothpaste giving a finer chipped effect I feel. Following that I did the
details before adding some weathering, I’m still finding my way with that but
it is improving I think!

In game terms these guys have a RoF 2 AT 7 FP4+ gun, not too
shabby and also a couple of MG’s to help out as well. The one interesting use
I’ve been told about is by pairing them up with an infantry recce unit – you
mount them up during deployment – them zoom forward for your recce move before
dismounting the infantry turn one – not a bad way if you’re on offence!
Anyway I hope you enjoy and catch you next time.

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Article by: Mark Goddard