Finnish Armour – T-28

Ok I’m going to admit I’m a glutton for punishment!

Having felt like I had finished the Finns I picked up some some T-28’s for my Finns in the EW sale – they form a great part of a panassari company – post on that to follow…

But let’s look at the T-28, firstly the castings were of variable quality. Some had huge chunks of flash on the tracks and small turrets, others were lovely and clean. Fitting it together after I’d cleaned them up was a breeze, they just fitted together snugly with only a little green stuff where the smaller turrets met the track pieces.

Painting them was as with the other Finnish Tanks I’ve done. I did try and hunt for references on where markings were and other parts which were rusty or bare metal, but really didn’t find any good colour pictures. 

Game wise this tank is expensive but effective for my EW Finns. (It’s CT) by the time my LW Finns are using it I find it less effective, but it has a role – infantry support. With three MG’s a platoon can relatively easily pin infantry, plus in assaults it’s rear MG and TA2 are a great combo. Sadly FA4 and an AT7 gun make it a poor choice for tank duels as the war progress’s. 

Anyway I hope you like the models and keep your eyes peeled for the list discussion on the fearsome Pannasari!

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Article by: Mark Goddard