The Fighting Irish – Shermans WIP

Hello All

An update on my Plastic Soldier Company Shermans. I have finished Painting the tanks (bar the 4 I’m still waiting on from my Local Stockiest), I now just have to get hold of some Battlefront British Crew and paint them up.

Note- I’m not 100% happy with the way the pictures come out, they make the models look alot more “green” than they really are. I’ll try and either get some better ones done up over the next few days or try to do better when I have finished the crew.

The to HQ Shermans

The First Combat Platoon
The Second Combat Platoon

 I had a few unexpected challenges with the Shermans. The main one was the small problem that the company marking decals I bought were the wrong ones! (a little looking around and I failed to find any that were “right”). The company symbols of the guard regiments were coloured in black, so I ended up painting behind the decals and the tried to line up the decals so they had the middle coloured in black.

I was also happy how the weathering turned out. It adds alot to the model without over powering it.

A close up of the decals after the black as added

Next up is some Universal Carriers

Thanks for looking, I hope to have another update soon!


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  1. Looking great!
    So you are going to mix battlefront crews with PSC Shermans?
    I made that on some Pz IV and its really recommended. They add a lot more character to the vehicles then the boring tank crews from PSC.
    Im looking forward to see them all together later on.

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Article by: Mark Goddard