Fez’s Road to Art of War Too Part 2

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Fez here again with an update on the road to Art of War Too – apparently, this road is paved with dead T34’s.

Bovingdon’s T34/85 – Nice detail on the Cast Mantle

I tried another game with the FT Hero Tankovy list, as I hadn’t had time to adjust the models from before, my opponent for this one Justin with his Nisei. The fact that I didn’t take pictures is evident of the death he tolled out – That list is horrible! Fearless everywhere, Jumbos, time on target, it was just horrific. I got a small victory in shooting down his AoP with the IS-2 AA, but that’s about it!

And the German Panthers – what a difference in finish!

All in all, I decided that I needed extra hulls, and the easiest way of doing this was to drop the list to the Confident Trained Hero Tankovy. I was looking forward to doing an IS-2 list out of Berlin with the new bedspring armour, and was therefore over the moon when BF announced a re-con PDF to allow me to have them in Desperate Measures lists! (Click here for PDF)

So, with the aim of having platoons of 4 T34’s, and bedspring armour on every tank that had riders, I adjusted the list:

As forces of war hasn’t yet been updated, I added the Bedsprings as platoon notes, so this list actually totals 1750pts exactly. A weird glitch is that you can’t get Forces of War to give cupolas to T34/76’s in a mixed platoon, so I’ll just need to be careful with my turrets during the game.

Mmmm, Wide Tracks

I’ve managed to finally find the DShK AA models, as there is a drought on them at the moment – at least I’ve got one, and another DShK gun on its own to add to my spare Truck model. Think that Air Support might be an easy – add for some lists in the increasing points format of AoW Too, so some AA is going to be useful. Failing that, its more models to sacrifice to keep my Katyusha’s in the fight.

I’m really enjoying getting these lessons out of the way BEFORE the tournament for once!

Stay tuned for my next road test of the list, along with some overdue painting.

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    1. Indeedy, however that's a another two platoons worth of models to buy – one of the aims of this was to build on the starter box with as small an investment as possible 🙂

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