Fall Weiss-Blau – An upcoming FoW event in Germany

A quick plug for some German friends who are trying to recruit for a big event in Germany.  If you fancy a bit of FOW tourism then look no further…

Are you  interested in a great event comparable in scope to the Grand Tournaments for FOW?

Or have you ever wondered how it is to play 5 matches and against some of those tough-as-nails ETC players?

Or maybe you are not into tournaments, but seek more historical scenarios and games.
Well, seek no more – your chance is nigh: Fall Weiss-Blau will take place on March 18 & 19 2017 near Munich and we are planning to deliver just that for you: an ETC warmup tournament and historical/scenario  gaming.

So fight the best or have historical scenario fun with the rest!
Additionally, we are planning to bring to you various project tables, from North Africa to the winter of the Ardennes. From the Normandy invasion to Market Garden.

We have also asked Battlefront, to see if they could send in a team which will give a presentation on Flames of War – V4, though we have not been given any answer, yet…

As plans progress, we will let you know which scenario tables you can actually plan to play on.
If you’ve a long way to travel and no space to take an army; Well, don’t let that stop you. We are planning to rent armies to people as long as we have some available remaining. For those long-travelling participants we plan to offer them the ‘rental’ armies for free (still have to pay the tournament fee though!)

And none of the tournament participants will return home empty handed : Each tournament player will receive an objective as gift that we have designed and created specifically for the event.

And don’t fear that the 2-day-event will blow your wargaming budget: We are planning to transport you about with shuttles; and the hotels in the local vicinity are pretty cheap.
So if we got your attention, please check out the Weiss-Blaue Strategen blog to learn more about the event: https://tinyurl.com/fallweissblau2017

And do not hesitate to register via T3 after having read the tournament terms and conditions and tips: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/turnier/fall-weiss-blau
So come and join us and give this new event a great start.
Thank you and we really hope to see you in Germany!