Faces, Bases, Something, Something: Quick and Easy Cobblestone Roads

As promised in a previous article I am back with a tutorial on how you can make your own cobblestone roads to add to your gaming table giving it a more urban feel.

As for the rural roads we need some bases and the super flexible parquet mat will work perfect. I cut the mat into the sizes and shapes I want the roads to be.

The next step is to mix a paste of builders-caulk, paint and a little PVA-glue. This will work as the base for the cobblestone pattern and make sure that any chipping won’t reveal too bright a colour. 

With all the base materials in place it’s time to work some magic. With a spatula I spread the paste out on the rubber/cork mat, spray it with a mix of water and dishwashingsoap and then I grab one of GreenStuffWorlds awesome rolling pins and roll it over the paste applying moderate pressure all along.

Vola, you have now got a cobblestone road. All you need to do is to let it dry for a couple of hours and it good to go. If you want to put a little more effort into the project you can base coat the roads and add a couple of layers of dry brushing. That’s it, quick and simple. I hope this will help you do cobblestone roads in no time. Enjoy the process and see you soon – Soren.

4 thoughts on “Faces, Bases, Something, Something: Quick and Easy Cobblestone Roads

  1. Looks great! What brand is your super flexible parquet mat? Cannot seem to find the sort you seem to use. Living in Sweden.

    1. Hej Petter,
      The brand doesn’t matter that much. Any form of thin flexible material will do. You can use vinyl tablecloth or something similar. I will try and find the exact brand of the material I used and let you know.

      Regards Soren

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