Expanding Vasily’s Hammer (SUAB06) – Part One

Hello All

Continuing on from Adam’s post last Monday I’m going to look at how to expand the new Vasily’s Hammer Boxset (SUAB06) set into a full 1750pts army.

What you get in the box

I’m going to split this into two parts. One will be how to expand the core box to make 1750pts ASAP which will be a Hero Tankovy list. The second part will be turning it into a regular Tankovy list.
Now I need to have full disclosure here, I personally think the Hero Tankovy list isn’t very good. I think part of this is down to wanting to play it like regular tankovy and so I struggle a bit to changing tactics and going from 10 T-34’s per platoon (Soviet Company) to only 3 or 4. Sure, no Hen and Chicks is great but having got used to dealing with it, it’s less of a factor for me now; and for anyone starting Soviet you will get used to it quickly. This is a big drop off IMO. That’s not to say it can’t win a few games if used right and if you are getting into FOW it’ll be a good stop gap list to get playing until you have enough T-34’s to use the Tankovy list.

I’m using Desperate Measures (FW227) for this list as that is the only book that gives you Hero Tankovy. I have gone with the build on the back of the box to keep things simple, although I have dropped the Fearless rating to Confident to save on points. This gives you 10 T-34/85’s and 3 SU-100’s – a good core to the force. The SU-100’s will scare all medium and heavy tanks creating a zone for you where the enemy tanks will not enter, but beware the SU-100’s will get smoked, a lot! 10 T-34/85’s are great medium tanks, with a great anti tank value (12) and good front armour (7). Used together they should shred enemy tanks and Artillery. I have given the HQ T-34/85 and one platoon (Soviet Company) of T-34/85’s Tank Escorts to give a fast assault option.

Next up always add in Recon, you are going to be attacking a lot so recon is really import to push back ambushes and to lift Gone to Ground from enemy infantry so they are easier to hit. I have gone for BA-64’s (SU302) as a cheap option, both in points and money terms. You will need two blisters of these to get the 3 you need.

Next up I would add some smoke options but that’s not possible with Soviets. I spent a long time trying to work out what to add and I decided on some infantry. Normally infantry is a luxury option for Tankovy as the T-34’s make great assault units (who wants to be charged but 10 Tanks!) but with the smaller Hero platoons (Soviet Companies) the infantry seems a must include. I went for a maxed out unit of Motorstrelkovy with 3 Panzerfausts, they are all SMG armed so this are great at assaulting infantry and with the 3 Panzerfausts they can hold an objective once you have taken it for enemy armour. Also if you are defending you can dig in on an objective and feel quite safe. As I write this the new plastic Strelkovy haven’t been released yet so I would pick up a blister of Pyl’cyn & SMG Company (SU733) for the SMG troops and 3 packs of Motorstrelkovy with Panzerfausts (SSO197) to give you the needed Panzerfaust bases.

Finally to round out the list I want a template and something that can take out a King Tiger or equivalent, the only option I could think that would do this would be a Il-2 Shturmovik (AC003). I have gone with Limited to save a little on points, but with Rockets, Bombs and Cannons it has the tools to take on anything from a heavy tank, to infantry. It’s also a Flying Tank so stands a good chance against light AA.

  •   TRAINED  
Hero Tankovy Brigada HQ (Red Army)   p.39
T-34/85 obr 1944
SMG Tank Escort
Hero Tankovy Company (Red Army)   p.39
T-34/85 obr 1944
SMG Tank Escort
Hero Tankovy Company (Red Army)   p.39
3 T-34/85 obr 1944 250
Hero Tankovy Company (Red Army)   p.39
3 T-34/85 obr 1944 250
Hero Medium Assault Gun Company (Red Army)   p.51
3 SU-100 320
Hero Light Armoured Car Platoon   p.46

3 BA-64 90
Hero Motostrelkovy Company (Red Army)   p.43
Cmd SMG team
SMG team
Panzerfaust SMG team
Air Support   p.31
5 Limited Air Support Il-2 Shturmovik 200
Desperate Measures – Soviet Late-War – Platoon Count: 6
The army in as a whole

So there’s the list. It’s a well rounded force that if used right will win some games. Of course have a play with it, you get both turrets for the T-34’s so try out T-34/76’s for a cheaper option and see what you can get with the extra points. If you have any thoughts please feel free to comment below.

Next time I will look at expanding this force into a full Tankovy with most of what we have here.

Thanks for reading and until next time