Expanding Rämsch's Charge (GEAB12)

So we set ourselves all a little challenge of expanding the new army boxes into ‘proper’ 1750 points Flames of War forces – and at the same time doing it on a budget!

So this is basically what you get in the box.
As the groups main german player I got Rämsch’s Charge (GEAB12) to expand. In the box you get 5 Panzer 4’s, 3 StuG’s and a platoon of Panzergrenadiers. Not a bad starting point, but also (if I may whisper) a little unfocused with the mixture of StuG and Panzer 4.
Lastly I’m going to go for a choice based more on coolness of model, both for look and effect on the field –

So firstly let’s find a ‘competative’ list I can use as a base for a new player. The answer is obvious I think personally – the free ‘Devils Charge Digital exclusive (which is free on Forces of War, and known to many as Panzers to the Meuse) even less cost for those of you joining the hobby. For this list I’ve gone for Lehr.

So what’s the core from what we’ve got. Well the first choice is how to split the Panzer IV, I prefer a platoon of 4 and 1 in the HQ, but you can go 2 and 3 if you prefer. Alongside this you have the Panzergrenadiers as the second compulsory choices (and depending on how strict your group are, you could use them as the Gepanzerte Aufklarungs platoon to turn your force into an auto attacking force).
So what about the StuG’s, well you can get an assault gun platoon in the support – and if you like you can upgrade one to a StuH42 – who doesn’t like a breakthrough gun and a little direct smoke!Talking of smoke lets expand this box! The first and obvious choice to me is a platoon of Nebelwerfers

(RRP £14.50) – these are still the most ubiquitous unit in german lists, they throw smoke, their artillery is a good AT3 FP4+ – an obvious choice.

The next choice I like is some Recon – they have so many uses, and when you have such expensive tanks in such an aggressive list I think you really need something to push back ambushes. Thankfully you have the premier recon option in the game – the Puma (GE361) (RRP£8.00) – now recon should never fight, but if it’s going to then the Puma is best disposed to do that!

Lastly I’m going to talk about adding some heavy firepower in the form of Panthers Platoon (Plastic) (GBX84) (RRP £26.00). A trio of them for this list adds mobility, firepower and a huge deterrent to any opposition. They’re also fabulous to put together now they’re in plastic. 

This brings you to 1740 points, and if you really want to a Bergpanzer will take you to 1750, but that’s again personal choice.

  •   VETERAN  
Panzerkompanie HQ (Lehr)   p.9
Panzer IV J
Bergepanzer III
Panther Platoon (Lehr)   p.9
3 Panther G 560
Panzer Platoon (Lehr)   p.10
4 Panzer IV J 350
Assault Gun Platoon (Lehr)   p.27
StuG G
Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon   p.13
Cmd Panzerfaust MG team
Panzerfaust MG team
Sd Kfz 251/1
Panzerspäh Platoon (Lehr)   p.18
2 Sd Kfz 234/2 (Puma) 100
Volks Rocket Launcher Battery  p.33

Cmd SMG team
Observer Rifle team
15cm NW41
Devil’s Charge (Digital Exclusive) – German Late-War
So here’s the list, and here is the force! I think it’s a great list for any german commander you have everything you need to take it to those allied players, and it’s a great basis for further expansion!

Thanks for Reading Adam

The army as a whole

4 thoughts on “Expanding Rämsch's Charge (GEAB12)

  1. A good list building from that box set. How would you up it to 1900 points? I would probably add a 2iC then you the rest of my points to expand my Nebelwerfers battery. Adding more recon would also be tempting.

  2. I have pretty similar list, except no StuGs, but to 1900 I'd take 2iC and a pack a Wirbels, they are always fun and usefull. And perhaps a second recon section, 4 Pumas is always a 4 Pumas… 😉

  3. If I was expanding to 1900 hmm, 2IC yes, i'd also be really tempted to get the StuG's (or a second platoon of panzer 4's) up to 4 as well.

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